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Under the Ice
By Rachel A. Qitsualik
Illus By Jae Korim
And Babah Kalluk
Review By Christina Lewis

"Winter can be cruel in the Arctic. Food quickly becomes scarce during the long winter months for those who cannot hunt." There lived an old woman who liked to go for long walks on the ice and remember happier times. The old woman was alone with only her young grandson. She was too old to hunt and he too young, so they relied on the charity of others, but they were always hungry. One day when her grandson tells her he is hungry she gets angry and wishes that the qallupiluq, a horrible creature that lives under the ice, would take her grandson away forever. Before she can regret her words, her grandson is taken by the creature. But the boy ends up living happily with the qallupiluq because they showed him more kindness than his grandmother ever did. (Ages 9-12)

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