"Dressing like B-movie monsters is the latest fad sweeping through Bixby Elementary - but what's driving the strange compulsion?" Drew, Clementine, Grady,...
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The BEDMAS Conspiracy
By Deborah Sherman
Review By Christina Lewis

Adam really wants his band, Sick on a Snow Day, to compete in the regional talent show. But when he's mistakenly accused of cheating on a test, his parents tell him that he must maintain a B-average or he will have to quit the band. That's not their only problem - the lead singer has stage fright, and one person holds the key to the band's success, Eldrick Hooperberg, the one who got Adam accused of cheating. Eldrick wants to play in the band, but Adam's having a hard time forgiving him for what he did. Can the band members overcome their problems and win the talent show? (Ages 9-12)

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