"Dressing like B-movie monsters is the latest fad sweeping through Bixby Elementary - but what's driving the strange compulsion?" Drew, Clementine, Grady,...
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I've Got An Idea
By Eric Walters
Review By Christina Lewis

Alex knows he and his friend Sam are considered "geeks" at their school, so when the unique new sixth-grader, Twilight Stevens, calls them dangerous, Alex can't believe it. Sam's sometimes hair-brained ideas have gotten the boys into trouble, but Alex wouldn't consider them dangerous. The three become friends, and Twilight comes up with the crazy idea of spending the weekend in New York City to see a rock concert. But this idea involves hiding out in her father's apartment and trying to escape from a street gang and a pack of thugs. Will they get away with their great idea of having fun, or will it all come crashing down around them? A fun story about friendship and having fun. (Ages 9-12)

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