"Dressing like B-movie monsters is the latest fad sweeping through Bixby Elementary - but what's driving the strange compulsion?" Drew, Clementine, Grady,...
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What Happened to Serenity
By PJ Sarah Collins
Review By Christina Lewis

"Katherine lives in a post-apocalyptic community completely cut off from the rest of the world. Her town is austere, run by utopians who have created a strict paternalistic order." Asking questions is frowned on, and seeking knowledge outside what they've been taught is considered rude and individualistic. Father believes that everything said and done should be in the best interest of the community, and it's wrong to question things for yourself. But when Katherine's best friends sister disappears she's determined to break out of the community and discover what happened to her. An exciting scifi novel you won't want to put down. (Young Adult)

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