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The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends
By Phyllis Cafaro
Review By Christina Lewis

The author's vision for the Captain McFinn books is to inspire children to make a difference by doing their very best. In this story Inky, Four-Tooth, and Bella find an old sunken ship and decide to turn it into a clubhouse. Close by McFinn and his bully friends Tox, Stink, and Stank decide to make their own clubhouse out of smelly garbage. When the bullies start harassing Inky and his friends McFinn the shark ends up stuck in the sunken ship. McFinn's friends swim away, but Four-Tooth encourages his friends to help. McFinn is surprised by their kindness, and learns to change his bully ways. A fun book for young readers on how to be a good friend. (Ages 4-8)

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