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Emma's Masterpiece
By Jennifer Reed
Review By Christina Lewis

Emma loves to draw, but when nobody seems to be able to figure out what she's drawing, she begins to wonder if she's any good at it. Emma shows her pictures to her mom, her dad, her neighbor and her brother, but none of them can see what she sees. And they all have suggestions on how to make her drawings better. Emma becomes discouraged and throws all of her drawings in the trash. When Emma goes to Grammy's room later to tell her dinner is ready, she finds Grammy standing on the bed taping something to the wall. Emma looks around at the crumpled pictures on the wall and smiles, someone likes her drawings! But Grammy has a big surprise for everyone, and soon they will all see how special Emma's drawings are. And Emma realizes that she truly is an artist, because her drawings come from the heart. "Emma's Masterpiece" is a beautiful story about following your heart and doing what's important to you. (Ages 4-8)

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