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Being Kind to George
By Jo Dunningham
Review By Christina Lewis

One morning Oliver, the big black dog, was out walking with his best friend Greg when he heard some strange noises in a patch of tall grass. Oliver was frightened when out popped a scrawny goose covered in seaweed. From then on Greg and Oliver would walk down to the park and feed the hungry goose, who Greg named George. They went to visit him every day, and soon other people in the park began to visit George too. George loved all of the attention, until the park ranger told Greg that taking care of a wild animal is not always a good thing to do because George might forget how to take care of himself. Greg knew that the park ranger was right, so he decided to spend less time with George, even though it made him sad. George became lonely, until one day he spotted two boys at the park. He waddled after them honking loudly, but the boys were frightened and tried to scare George away. George got scared and started running all over, people were chasing him and someone tried to grab him. Hurt and frightened George slowly made his way to Greg's café. Greg called the park ranger and together they found a new home for George, a place where George could be himself with other geese. "Being Kind to George" is a wonderful story about friendship and doing what's right, even though it may be difficult. The warm and colorful illustrations bring the story to life. (Ages 4-8)

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