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Today In History - January 26th
YearHistoric Event
1697Isaac Newton receives Jean Bernoulli's 6 month time limit - solves problem before going to bed that same night
17881st settlement established by English in Australia (Sydney)
1837Mich admitted as 26th US state
1841Hong Kong was proclaimed a sovereign territory of Britain
1861La becomes 6th state to secede from US
1871American income tax repealed
1885Gen Gordon & troops slain by Sudanese in Khartoum
1905World's largest diamond found Cullinan diamond
1946Indian Republic Day
1950India becomes a republic ceaseing to be a British dominion
1954Ground breaking begins on Disneyland
19611st woman `personal physician to President' - JG Travell
1976Israel opens "Good Fence" to Lebanon
1979Nelson Rockefeller former VP & 4 time governor of NY died
1980Islanders & Whalers had a penality free game
1982Islanders score 4 goals within 1:38 5 within 2:37 vs Penguins
1984Nordiques' Michel Goulet scored on 9th penalty shot against Islanders
1986Chicago Bears defeat Patriots 46-10 in Super Bowl 20

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