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Today In History - July 7th
YearHistoric Event
1668Isaac Newton receives his M.Afrom Trinity College Cambridge.
1754Kings College in NYC opens. School later renamed Columbia College
1838Central American federation is dissolved.
1846US annexs Calif
18654 people hunged in Wash DC convicted of conspiring with John W Booth
1891Travelers cheque patented
1898US annexes Hawaii
1908Great White Fleet leaves SF Bay
1930Construction began on Boulder (Hoover) Dam
1941US forces land in Iceland to forestall Nazi invasion
1946Mother Frances X Cabrini canonized as 1st American saint
1949`Dragnet' premiers on NBC radio. A TV series in 1951 & in 1967
1958Pres Eisenhower signs Alaska statehood bill
1967Vivian Leigh dies at 53
1971Apollo 15 returned 12d /7 hr/11 min/53 sec.
1973Veronica Lake dies at 58
1978Solomon Is gains independence from Britain (National Day).
1980Az Judge Sandra Day O'Connor 1 female nominated on Supreme Court
19801st solar-powered aircraft crosses English Channel.
1986Supreme Court struck down Gramm-Rudman deficit-reduction law
1987Yanks trailing by 7 score 7 in 7th on 7/7 & 5 in 8th-Beat Twins 12-7
1987Kiwanis Clubs end men-only tradition vote to admit women

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