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May Poetry

by Hannah
Age 9

Wavey Waters
Bushy Palm Trees
Juicy Brown Coconuts
Seashell Surprises
Lemonade Sands
Sparkling Sun.

My Mom
by Marina
Age 11

My mom is cool,My mom is rare,If you have a problem,She'll always care,All the moms in the world and I got you, Its a great thing I have a cool mom just like you!

Do We Care?
by Antara
Age 14

Slowly rising the golden sun,
Chins itself over the horizon;
Marking the start of a new day,
With warmth in its every ray.

Streets get crowded from the fore,
People get on to their daily chores.
In this fast pace of 21st century,
No one cares for the nature's beauty.

Chirping of birds is better than traffic snarls,
The budding of leaves when old ones fall.
Cool breeze is better than polluting smoke,
Aren't these relaxing enough for the common folk?

We are constantly destroying nature,
Then why cry over natural disasters?
If we want a better future,
We must learn to care for nature.

The Ocean
by Rachel
Age 11

Green and blue waves swirl into white rushes of power The sand jumps from the ocean floor in fright and returns when it feels safe only to be scared again

Birds refuse to fly near it but they have to get across the sea so they fly high above it with very cautious eyes

The sea may seem beautiful The sea may seem calm
But things are not always what they seem
And one of those things is the sea

by Katie
Age 10

Sailing around day and night
The beautiful water is a great sight
Birds are soaring and flying overhead
I wont stop until I have to go to bed
You have to see this, it's like a dream
Come on! Join my sailing team

by Akhil
Age 10

Spring is the time for fun
When bathing on the beach has just begun.

While the cold of winter is long past
It just comes back too fast.

by Casey
Age 9

Butterflies flutter by,
on a warm day of Spring,
watching them flap their wings,
is such a silly little thing.
A girl`s favorite,
you can keep it,
flying like a kite,
is the butterfly with might.

Ritchie Valens
by Melis
Age 17

The greatest thing to come out of the San Fernando Valley,
Who used to play with his band in the alley.
Straight from Pacoima,
All he wanted to do was entertain ya!
Richard Valenzuela & his flying guitar,
He was America’s 1st Latino Rock Star.
He bought a brand new house for his mother.
To show he loved her like no other.
Went with his older brother, Bob, to Tijuana,
But all that was on his mind was “Oh Donna.”
He sang “Come On, Lets Go”
For his fans to go to his show.
Its hard to explain
Why Ritchie died on a plane
Because he feared them the most,
But to his fans, he is still very close.
Yes, sometimes we do get upset,
But in our hearts, we will never forget.


The Sounds of Sadness
by Kim
Age 11

The sounds of sadness
The feel of betrayal
Life’s snow-soft rhythm
Turning to Hail

The sounds of sadness
The smell of a darkened room
The heartbeat slows
But quickens to its doom

The sounds of sadness
The dream to touch light
But dream on, sad sounds
For it will never be in sight

The Moon
by Oneeb
Age 7

The moon is traveling in the night,
Don't you think it's a lovely sight?
The kids have stopped their pillow fight
To see the silver beams so bright,
It's round face brings me delight,
The moonbeams are a guiding light,
Creating shadows black and white,
It's presence does overexcite,
The shining stars hold on tight,
To see the glowing moon tonight.

by Cristin
Age 13

You can't help but stare
As she bats her eyes and smiles
She knows she's got you in her grip
When she flicks her hair

By the look in her eyes you think she loves you
And you seem to love her too
But I can tell that the "love" in her eyes is anything but true

I have wanted you to notice me
But come on your just a guy
You wouldn't notice true love if it hit you in the eye

I guess you think she's pretty and cool
But I'll never be like her
Even if I were like her you would still stare at her and drool

What is so special about her?
What do I not have?
I feel so crushed inside that it fills my mind with anger

I guess I should forget about you
Nothing's going to change
Dreaming of you loving me will never ever come true

An Ode to a Kitten
by Julia
Age 11

I'm saying good-bye
To you, Kitty
So I'm sending
Good thoughts to you

Warm, velvety milk
That melts on your tongue
And soft fur;
That's what you like

A human hand
To stroke your fur
And a small corner
To sleep

And, of course, some adventure
A jungle, a barn
And when you come home
More milk, and a mommy that
Loves You

by Julia
Age 11

Your pearly white fingers
Stretch too far
Over land and sky
Sea and stars

They cover the world
With a white blanket
They surround the world
With a cold bracelet

by Julia
Age 11

Her sweet songs are known by all
She who walks in the Fall,
She who sings with birds at Dawn
Rarely seen in any town,
Ring for her, all the bells!
Marianna, Queen of Elves

there is joy
by Kathy
Age 8

there is joy in seeing my rabbit play in the nice soft grass and seeing her be as healthy as can be.

Night Time
by Shanelle
Age 11

the beauty of day subsides
and gives way to the
beauty of the fresh night
the wind doth blow through thine opened curtains
Let in the coolness of GOD's breathe
laying in bed for sleep
the stars and the moon glitter there holy blessings upon thy cheek Sleep the pillow beneath thine head it beckons for your eyes to flutter like butterfly wings in the coolness you drift away to the light swaying sea of night time

I Am
by Cara
Age 8

I am a hard worker and willing to try
I wonder how good my new house on the prairie will be
I hear the cries of children
I see children playing
I want to get there
I am a hard worker and willing to try anything

I pretend I am sliding down a sand dune
I feel unsafe in the storm
I touch the dry earth
I worry about the storm
I cry about missing the sea
I am a hard worker and willing to try anything

I understand the kids and Jakob love me
I say I love them
I dream they will love me
I try to be kind
I hope to stay
I am a hard worker and willing to try anything

Blue, gray, green all the colors of the sea.
Shells here shells there.
She is willing to try anything.
She loves the sea and swimming with seals.
Sarah likes art and hard work.
She likes to garden and flowers.
Sarah likes animals, especially her cat Seal.
She brings the kids shells.
Sarah stays at the prairie.
She loves to swim.
She also taught the kids how to swim.

by Stephanie
Age 12

Oh, I am a blanket,
a cozy blue blanket,
my masters FAVORITE blanket,
oh, how I wish I weren't me!

They al curl up in me,
every night at bedtime,
I get NO sleep at all when,
they toss,
they turn,
every night!

Oh, I am a blanket,
a cozy blue blanket,
my masters FAVORITE blanket,
oh, how I wish I weren't me!


May Short Stories

Fiction Story-My Version of the Little Red Hen
By Madeline
Age 6

Once upon a time Ariel made seashell cake for her two friends Flounder and Sebastian.

“Who will help me get the sugar?” said Ariel.
“Not I,” said Flounder.
“Not I,” said Dad.
“Not I,” said Sebastian.
“Then I will do it myself,” said Ariel.

“Who will help me get the frosting?” said Ariel.
“Not I,” said Flounder.
“Not I,” said Dad.
“Not I,” said Sebastian.
“Then I will do it myself,” said Ariel.

“Who will help me get the milk?” said Ariel.
“Not I,” said Flounder.
“Not I,” said Dad.
“Not I,” said Sebastian.
“Then I will do it myself,” said Ariel.

“Who will help me get the candles?” said Ariel.
“Not I,” said Flounder.
“Not I,” said Dad.
“Not I,” said Sebastian.
“Then I will do it myself,” said Ariel.

“Who will help me get the cookies?” said Ariel.
“Not I,” said Flounder.
“Not I,” said Dad.
“Not I,” said Sebastian.
“Then I will do it myself,” said Ariel.

“Who will help me eat the cake?” said Ariel.
“I will,” said Flounder.
“I will,” said Dad.
“I will,” said Sebastian.
“No you won’t!” said Ariel.
“I will eat it myself!” And she did!


My Mom
By Gabrielle
Age 9

My mom is a very good character. she is a very respectful mother. She'll listen to you when you talk because she thinks it is rude if you talk when somebody else is talking.
One day at dinner time I was about to talk but then my dad started to talk. Then my mom told my dad i was trying to say something so my dad stopped talking. Don't you think that was really nice of her?
When I say something that usually people make fun of, she doesn't make fun of that. That is why she is so respectful.
My mom is caring because once I fell off my bike and my mom helped me up and took care of me. After that she made me happy by taking me to the mall. That is why I love my mom very much.


Certificate of Recognition the True Story
By Joshua
Age 15

How I came to receive my certificate of recognition, May 6 / 2003.(True story)

In the little town of Falkland, I have a friend named Grandee Shelton. I phoned his house and there was no answer, I thought he was at his grandmothers. I called him and asked if he wanted to go biking around because that was our favorite thing to do. He agreed and we went to get his bike from his house. He walked into the back yard and grabbed his bike, (not looking inside the house). He told me to hang on while he went to grab his helmet. He brought his key to get in the house, but strange enough the door was unlocked. He though nothing of it and went inside. While I sat outside I heard a bone curdling scream, "RON!!!!!!". I rushed inside and saw that his dad had fallen through the glass coffee table about 1cm thick. He had a pool of blood beside him and I told Grandee to calmly phone the Ambulance. While he did that I tried to see if Ron was still alive so I told him to tell me his name and where he is, no response. I quickly checked his pulse and it was slightly present, he was breathing to. I looked around and found that he had a couple of deep wounds on his arms and leg. I pulled the glass from his wounds and grabbed a tea towel to tie them shut. The bleeding had stopped just as the ambulance pulled up. They told me that they would take control of the situation. I ran home and went to my room. My foster parent came in and told me to clean the bathroom. I got up and she could see that I had blood on my clothes. She asked what had happened and I told her. The next day at school we had a surprise assembly. As I walked in the gym I saw Grandee, his mom, the RCMP, and the ambulance service standing at the front of the gym. A member of the RCMP talked to the school for half an hour and told every one what had happened the day before. They had Grandee's mom and Grandee called me to the front and said thank you to me and awarded me with my Certificate of Recognition. The final words that were said to the school by the Ambulance service was, " Without Josh's quick thinking, Ron would have died of blood loss. If Grandee and Josh were not going biking he wouldn't be here today. Thank you Josh".


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