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March Poetry

Spring is on the way
by Nakia
Age 9

The birds will sing. The rabbits will hop. Everyday is a little rock. The sun will shine. The lights are blind. Everyday is like a little sun shine.

Purple Cat
by Kelsi
Age 8

i have a purple cat i never know ware she's at. she likes jump and pump. purple cat purple cat ware can you be wont you show up for me.

One Special Guy
by Megan
Age 13

On Valentine's Day,
I searched and searched,
For the one special gift,
For the one special guy.

But there was nothing,
Special enough,
I guess that just stuff,
Isn't good enough,
To express the way i feel,
About this one special guy.

That one special guy,
Is too special for me,
I don't think I'm good enough,
For my one special guy.

But, I still love him,
No matter what,
Even if I know,
I'll never get to be,
His one special girl.


I'm Sorry I Failed You...
by Brianna
Age 14

When the world has turned its back on you
And all you want to do is cry,
Remember I am here for you,
On my shoulder you can lie.

I'll always be here to help and listen,
Even if you won't.
I don't care, I'll be there
I'll give 'til I can't any more.

If you ignore me,
I'll be your friend.
Through your sorrows,
Til the end.

I won't turn
my back on you.
I understand
what you've been through.

I give, and I give, and I give to you
But all you do is take
So, being your friend, I give you more
Can you please just gimme a break?!

I try so hard to please everyone,
Even when it doesn't work
I guess that's just the way I am,
Even with the jerks.

I'm sorry if I've failed you;
If I don't give enough.
I've learned by now
that life is tough,
but that's what friends are for.

Slippery Sidewalks
by Sierra
Age 12

Sidewalks are slippery
when there is snow
Old ladies shivering,
kids screaming:
"Let Me Play!"
The bitter cold air
tickles my spine
I watch where I step,
paying attention,
trying not to fall,
on the slippery sidewalk

My Other World
by Rachel
Age 13

I'm drifting away again,
like a balloon set free in the wind.

I turn a page of music that is unknown and ready to be explored, my finger tips touch the keys, and I begin to play.

Suddenly I am entering a different world.

I concentrate on the treble cleft
yet my left hand continues to flow with the bass cleft notes.


Don't stop.
Play until the teachers speaks.
Be a don't-dare-to-stop-me musician.

Don't think, play.

My mind is full of notes
I am in a trance.

I feel my body start to move
and I know I have left.

My foot starts to tap
My shoulders start to keep a beat as they sway

I have left.
I am going,
to my other world.

Everything exits my head
and I drift.
Away,and away.
Drifting until I hit a block.

“That's good for today.” the teacher says.

Then I go home.
Anticipating time to play.

Drifting away again.

I Walked With You
by Lei
Age 13

As I walked with you,
I told you all that I knew.
As I cried,
You were always at my side,
But you slowly started to slip away,
And there was nothing I could do or say.
You will still be my friend,
I will always have a hand to lend.
Year after year you will slip away some more,
Slowly backing to the door.
I will always remember when I walked with you,
and how I told you all that I knew.


The Top
by Lei
Age 13

my tears fall
but none see
I feel so small
until you came to me

you hold me tight while i cry
my tears stop
you help me try
all you say is start from the top

Pearl Necklace
by Allie
Age 12

An old pearl necklace, like a story on string
every bead has different memories.
From the Titanic's trip to the depth of the ocean
to an everyday trip to school
that pearl necklace was there.

by Sophie
Age 7

His coat it black his socks are white,
i love him with my heart.
his mane is black and so his tail,
i love him with my heart.
he's fun to ride and cool to jump,
i love him with my heart.
his name is beauty he's a little cutie,
i love him with my heart!

They Make Me Wonder
by Melissa
Age 17

People wonder about me,
I can see it in their eyes.
People wonder what I am going to be.
I don't know why.

People think I am interesting.
People think I am fascinating.
They think there is something about me,
That is quite unique.

I think it is weird.
I think it is unsettling.
I can't understand,
What is so interesting about me.

I know I am different.
I know I am not normal.
What is normal?
Its nothing then a figment,
A figment of one's imagination.

I did try to blend in,
Instead I stuck out.
I thought I was unnoticeable,
Instead I was not.

Now I stick out,
Instead of blending in.
It took awhile,
But I am happy once again.

I found out I have multiple talents,
More then one.
I found out,
That I can even write.

Never thought I was good at it,
People say different.
I guess that is why I can't blend in.
I see everything in a different light.

A Wheat Field
by William
Age 11

I’m standing in a wheat field
the sunshine shining.
The warmth against my skin.
The feeling of happiness.

When standing there
a breeze sways the wheat
and cools me off
from the sun of happiness.

Peace is what I feel
when standing there
People think war is the solution.
War solves nothing.
Peace is what reunites nations.

It’s so quiet.
I can hear the wind blow across the field.
Standing there
is a joy of life.

by Jesse
Age 12

It means a lot of things
It means you care
You want and need

Lies don’t count
Overly excited to see you
Very loving
Extremely nice

When someone says
“I love you”
How do you know it’s true?
Well think about this
If he/ or she really loved you
Would she lie?

6th Grade
by Jesse
Age 12

Trust me on this
6th Grade
Is not as easy as it sounds
You have to play the right cards

First you have your social life
Then your homework 
Popularity is a big thing
And your home life
Yeah, try not to mix those together

Now you can’t have too much of one
Because then the balance
Beam of sixth grade will go too much to one side
So if you even every thing out
You will do great!!!

The Spider
by Jessica
Age 11

A spider ate my homework
He was even bigger than I.
I know you don't believe me,
But I'm trying not to lie.
And after he ate my homework,
I guess he wasn't full,
Because I am writing from
Inside this spider,
Oh yes Oh yes I am
But I must say I have to go
Because it's getting dark in here.
And wait, one last thing.
I can't find my homework anywhere!

Live Life
by Maria
Age 12

Some days are good
Some days are bad
We only live one time
So just live it glad
Don't be angry with the ones you love
Because today they're here
But tomorrow they're gone
Its better to ignore the trouble
Because if you give it importance
You'll just make it double
So just live life
However you want
But just don't let people
Squish you like an ant

The Wind
by Erin
Age 10

Gusty Wind
Blowing Wind
I hear it in my ear

It's Halloween Night
by Leah
Age 11

It's Halloween Night, there's a scream in the air. The clock strikes twelve, a ghost on the stair. Bats take flight, vampires bite. Lightning brings Frankenstein to life. Kids dress up, ready for a scare. It's Halloween Night, go out if you dare.

If Curses Took Over
by Kyle
Age 12

If curses took over,
The world would end,
Skies would fall,
And bars would bend,

Houses would crumble,
To rocks in the earth,
And then you would wonder,
How much it was worth,

Windows would close,
Lights would go out,
Yet, none will hear,
Your high-pitched shout,

But curses won't take over,
For we're too smart,
And they're too scared,
To even start.

by Brittany
Age 15

Gritty Sand beneath my toes,
Ocean smells fill my nose,
Bright blue waves that make me grin,
Teasing me to come on in!

Balmy water reflects the sun,
As into the ocean I quickly run,
Playing with the friendly tide
As it takes me for a fun, fast ride.

Salty water in my mouth,
A summer breeze blows from the south,
I go to get an icy treat,
A Popsicle is hard to beat.

Before we leave, I fly my kite,
That flutters in its happy flight,
We pack up in the afternoon,
And tell the Beach we’ll be back soon!

Making Peace
by Katie
Age 13

The shadow of the flag
Waving in the air
Me laughing to myself
Makes everyone stare
The garbage can shadow
Crosses paths with mine
The op art is entrancing
It looks much more than a few lines
The colors in the gym
Clash beyond compare
Lost kids meandering through the halls
Doubtfully unaware
The basketball coach enters
With a bag of big orange balls
They remind me of rotund pumpkins in the fall
The clock is the enemy
But today we come to a draw
It wins for the most part
But at least I kept a record
Of all the things I saw

by Catherine
Age 11

A leaf,
slowly to the ground.
coming to twists and turns.
never knowing what hit them.
sometimes even being blown in the wrong direction, but coming to which everything is ok. LIFE

Day at the Beach
by Riya
Age 8

The beach is like
an undiscovered island
with water flowing like my eyes,
with sand as soft as grain,
with lobsters as sharp as my teeth,
with holes as deep as me when the sharks swim up to me.
I wonder where you could find a greater place to be


March Short Stories

Garbage Bin
By Grayce
Age 12

I walked quickly, on the icy sidewalk almost falling. My mom had told me to take out the garbage. I started to run as I was Breathing in the cold air. I held on to the bag tighter and tighter every step closer to the Garbage bin. As I neared the end of the sidewalk a chill ran up my spin it left a strange feeling on my back.
I now reached the driveway about twenty more feet and I was there. Inside the house my Mom was cleaning in a hurry because my Aunt and Uncle were coming over. I finally reached the Garbage bin. When I opened the Garbage bin the smell of stale garbage filled the air. I threw in the the garbage and ran.
I was thinking about my Aunt and Uncle and how they should be there any minute. I ran faster and faster now reaching the icy sidewalk. I ran and slide on the ice pain ran up my leg. I tried to get up a few times but pain screeched in my ankle. I tried to yell for my Mom but the vacuum was running so she didn't hear me. My ankle was throbbing it hurt really bad. I tried to yell for my mom again and again. How long does it take to vacuum the living room I thought to my self as I lay on the ground.
I heard this loud noise and the gravel on the road a car was coming. Now all I had to do was pray that it was my aunt and Uncle. The car pulled in our driveway yes I thought its them. My Aunt and Uncle jumped out of the car they ran to me and helped me to the house.

The Quiz
By Rachael
Age 12

The excitement of the classroom became contagious. The teacher passed out the papers one by one, pausing at each desk to explain her reasoning. I could hear gasps of happiness and sorrow at the same time. The teacher was getting closer and closer to my desk. I looked back at my friend, Lindsay who gave me the I-didn't-do-so-good-look. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the teacher. I was as a nervous as a baby bird trying to fly for the first time. The teacher asked for everyone's attention. My was beating one-hundred times faster than it should have been. The whole classroom became silent.
“I would like to say, that out of all the seventy-five students, Lauren is the only one who got one-hundred percent on her quiz!”
I heard an applause behind me. I blushed, hiding my face in my book. My teacher patted me on the back, handed me my quiz, and moved onto the next student. I looked back at my friend and smiled. The bell rang and I moved onto Social Studies. Hopefully, I will get a good grade on that quiz too.

By Emma
Age 13

I know your heart lives for tomorrow
But live for today just once.
For tomorrow might be cloudy
and though you may deal with it proudly

You need me, for I am your hoist, your arms your legs
and don't worry baby I will hold fast to you

So grab a rope so you can stay afloat
even though life may throw you a bottomless boat
you have all you need, in your head sits a garden
go must not heed, plant your seed

Now run,run away love and don't come back;
you've out grown this place so stay on track.

How Spring Got its Name
By Amanda
Age 9

Once upon a time, the wise old owl created a wonderful new season and wanted to give it a name. He gathered all the animals and they wondered what name to give the new season. " How about Animala?" suggested the lion. They tried that name. The flowers didn't grow. The bees didn't buzz. The name was too long.

The animals held another town meeting. "Maybe Birdchirp?" suggested the deer. They tried that name. The flowers didn't grow. The bees didn't buzz. The name was too long. The same thing went on and on until they had tried nine names.

Then the mouse squeaked, "I think we should call it Spring." "Spring?" all the all the animals asked.
"Yes, Spring." The flowers started to grow. The bees started to buzz. All the animals were happy. " This new season will be called Spring," the wise old owl declared. That is how Spring got its name.

God the Creator
By Preston
Age 12

I read the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Genesis is about the beginning of the world. The creator is God. Part of the creation is He created light and made light separate from the dark. He called the light “day” and the dark “night”. So on the first day there was a morning and an evening.
On the second day God made the water separate and He made the sky.
The third day He said, “Let the waters beneath the sky be gathered into one place so the dry ground can appear”. And God saw it was good. He also made plants that could grow and make more plants like them. This is what happened on the third day of God’s creation.
The fourth day God said, “Let the bright lights appear in the sky to separate the day from night”. He saw it was good. He made the moon, sun and the stars. That was all God made on the fourth day.
On the next day, day five, Heavenly God made and said, “Let the waters swarm with every fish and other life.” He created sea creatures on the fifth day and he also saw it was good. God made birds to fly. He blessed them.
Day six was busy. God made animals to live on the land. He made man on the sixth day, too. The man was called Adam. He said, “Let us make a man in our image.” He was talking about man being like Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Man was going to be in charge of it all. God made a woman too. She was named Eve. He blessed them. God said this all was very good.
God was finished creating on the seventh day, so He rested from all his work. God made the seventh day holy because He rested.
Our Heavenly Father is wonderful and His creation shows us that. We can look at the world around us and know that God made it for us.

I am a 12 year old student who enjoys football, writing and my friends. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have some of my writings published on the Kids Bookshelf web site.


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