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April Poetry

Shimmer in the Sea
by Taylor
Age 11

Shimmer in the Sea
Flash of silver swimming by
Hidden below
The gently rolling, glittering sea
With a flick
Of your tail you’re off
Like a shot
Heading to the surface
For a breath
Of fresh, cool, morning air
Then lazily
Swimming in the crystal blue waters
Is the magnificent Dolphin


by Kylia
Age 12

A look through the eyes
Of some other creature
Can show you how different
Life can be.
A look through the lens of a camera
Is just as interesting to me.
A picture tells a story
Whether it be of an ant,
Or an ostrich,
Or a human being.
A picture shows a lifetime
Of people and places worth seeing.
Of good times
And bad times
Until you capture Your fill.
Finish many rolls of film
Of pictures of things that will.
Just pick up a camera
Look through the lens
Of glass
And see,
How they say a picture's worth a thousand words
But it's worth a million to me.


by Abby
Age 12

Friends are alway there to talk to
They never say bad things about you
They never tell you lies That is no suprise

Spring Fever
by Trenton
Age 13

I have spring fever. I feel as eager as a bever crawling out from the winter. I want to go fishing. I have spring fever. I want to go hiking and biking. I want to feel the warm spring breeze. The only thing in the way is winter. I have spring fever. I want to hear the birds chirp and see the deer run. I want to see the green leaves come out on the trees. I have spring fever.

April Short Stories


by Devon
Age 9

The mustard is like a big yellow blanket on the hill. There is no unstitched or empty part of the blanket. Mustard in the spring is a neon yellow color. All the other seasons it changes to a brown dead looking hill, in the same place the blanket of mustard was. Sometimes you see some Blue Lupen. Compared to the neon yellow the purplish blue does not stand out much. Its only a stitch or two of the blanket. The two I explained are wild flowers. Every spring they appear or sprout from the ground. They will come back next year.

The Land of Cheese
by Abby
Age 12

Once there was a queen who came opon a fairy. The fairy's name was Harriet. The queen just adorded cheese so she asked Harriet to turn her whole kingdom into cheese. With a flick of Harriet's wand the kingdom was cheese. At first it was wonderful having a kingdom of cheese no one starved but as the days of summer grow closer the kingdom got hotter. And hotter and hotter until the day came when the cheese became so hot it began to melt. The kingdom was a cheesy mess. Unfortunatly the fairy was nowhere in sight so the queen sent gaurds to find her before it was to late. Days passed and the gaurds still coundn't find the fairy. Until the hottest day of the summer no one had seen Harriet. Finally a towns men cought the fairy with a butterfly net. He admedietly brought it to the queen the queen comanded Harriet to turn the kingdom back to normal but Harriet refused. The queen asked why the the fairy told her she must use the magic word. The queen was confused she said that she was never given the magic words. The fairy responded "You know the word all along just think! When you find the magic word I will return but only then I will." Years past and Harriet never retund to the land of cheese only because the queen didn't know one simple word, please.

The Case of the Missing Cheese
by Levi
Age 9

One beautiful morning, Levi went out to the store.Levi's best friends Jada and Ashley are on vacation, and they asked Levi to baby-sit their two cats, Nora and Snoopy, and their kittens. Before Levi left, he was eating cheese, but forgot to put it away. When Levi returned from the store, he saw the cheese he was eating was gone. He also saw dog prints on the kitchen tile. Then he saw Nora and Snoopy sleeping soundly on the sofa. Levi had to go to the bathroom really bad so he quickly ran to the bathroom. When he opened the door to get into the bathroom, he saw a very cute site. His dog Kody was lieing on the floor and all the kittens were climbing on him. "I think I know who ate the cheese." Levi declared Suspects: Nora & Snoopy Kody The kittens Solution: "I knew Kody and the kittens could not get out of the bathroom to get the cheese." Levi said "I must say Nora and Snoopy won't get any kitty treats for a while" Levi said.


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