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December Poetry:

One Little Dandy
by Elizabeth
Age 9

In the tall prairie grass, one little Dandy. All alone, without any family. It's petals so creamy with a trace of life. To give the gift of golden spice. When the sun began to glow, this little dandy grows. Until it's time to say goodbye, and do what all dandis do in the end. To fly with the wind to yonder. To live in peace and ponder.

by Jinelle
Age 13

As I was walking down Mulberry Street I met a dog with only three feet I thought "How could this poor dog live? Who would, ever, this punishment give?" I took him back to my home I gave him water and a bone I bandaged up his body well And made a place for him to dwell And after he had healed quite nicely I found that he was very feisty I tried to give him a nice warm bath And then the dog gave me his wrath As I was trying to get him dry I kept on thinking "Try try try" He was clean and dry and seemed quite healthy I'm sure he must have felt very wealthy "And now," I thought, "What to do for a name" But all that I thought of sounded quite lame Then, that night as I was lying in my bed A thought came rushing into my head A good name for the dog would be Mulberry For I thought it sounded quite merry Yes, I'll call the dog Mulberry, because we did meet As I was walking down Mulberry Street.

A Day In Late November...
by Megan
Age 13

From what I can remember, It was a day in late November. It was a major game, And losing would be quite a shame. I dribbled down the court, When the time left was very, very short. I shot the ball with all my might, But the other team's rebound was only in my sight. The score so far was a tie, But all we could do was try. Our team ran down to the other end, Hoping the word "loss" will not spread to our friend. We were defense, But not for long, We stole the ball and the rest was a song. My team loudly cheered, While the other team sneered, When all they could see, Was a shot made at the top of the key. Though winning is not everything, It really makes you want to sing. It makes you want to jump up and down, And definitely will take away that frown.

Summer days
by Miranda
Age 10

Summer Days have gone, And now winter's coming near, There's no rabbits jumping up or down, No Elk, frogs or deer. The days have become shorter now, The wind starts to stutter, The flowers all tip their heads, The birds begin to flutter. The trees all lose their leaves, They reach up like enormous towers, And the rain turns to snow, Instead of thunder showers. Children coming home from school, With their hearts all a blaze, Looking back and thinking, I miss those summer days!

by Priscilla
Age 12

: I am an individual I am a somebody I am a person who loves to dance I am a person who has a dream I am a student I am a daughter I am a niece I am a child I am a granddaughter I am a cousin I am kind to others I am human I am 12 years old I am friend

"The Smart Cat Limerick"
by Wesley
Age 11

There once was a cat who was very smart, He got his intelligence from eating pop-tarts. When he went outside everyday, He would take a look at the beautiful bay, And think how lovely it was in his heart. Gazing at the tasty fish, He would move his tail in a swish. When the time was just right, He leapt in and took a bite, Then he placed his meal upon a dish. The very next morning the cat came back, He jumped in the bay and planned his attack. Nor fluke or flounder did he see, "Oh no it's a big fat shark coming after me." "I better get out of here before I'm his snack." So he ran away in the speed of a dart, Not even looking to check his heart. He ran all the way to his house, Walked in his home and took off his blouse, "Gee I better stick to eating pop-tarts."

"A Crime Fighting Limerick"
by Jerry
Age 11

Mighty Mouse was a crime fighter, No other super hero was any lighter. Fat Cat was his enemy in town, He made all the Townspeople frown. Fat Cat and Mighty Mouse were quite the exciters. In his hideout was Fat Cat, When Mighty Mouse was being warned as a matter of fact. Our hero walked up to Fat Cat's door, He saw a lot of cheese lying on the floor. Mighty Mouse walked in and fell on the mat. Mighty Mouse tasted some of the cheese and fainted, He didn't know that it was tainted. Mighty Mouse woke up and took out his secret weapon, He should have seen Fat Cat steppin'. Mighty Mouse took out his cream and the walls became cream painted. Fat Cat and Mighty Mouse had their weapons drawn, As a matter of fact, they fought until dawn. And it got all over the window and wall, But after that it made both of them fall. Now there is cream-cheese all over the lawn.

Christmas on the Farm
by Arianna
Age 12

You know it's Christmas when you hear the squawking of your hens arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know it's breakfast time when your siblings start to whine arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know to feed the minis when you hear their desperate whinnies arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know to open presents when the family chatter deadens arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know to milk the cows when their heads are hanging down arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know to give great thanks when your dad stops pulling pranks arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know it's time to go to Church after you've ruined mother's best skirt arousing you that 'morn upon the farm. You know that Christmas is over and done when you spend your evening shoveling dung arousing you that 'morn upon the farm.

Winter Cheer
by Erin
Age 11

When the first snowflake falls I load up with snowballs. Shouting with glee. He! He! He! He! Looking at the trees there's a Winter breeze. Having so much fun I love Winter a ton.

The Wiggley Worm
by Whitney
Age 10

On the way to school, I saw a little worm. My sister ran off screaming when she saw it wiggle and squirm. I thought it was cute, So I made it a chute To crawl slowly...up? One day I forgot to feed it. And I saw that my pet Was never a worm at all. Q. What was the " worm?" A. A caterpillar. At the end it turned into a butterfly.

If I Was Queen
by Elizabeth
Age 9

If I was queen things would change. Everything would rearrange. Poor people would have a home, And rich people would try to give. Up would be down and down would be up. We wouldn't kill as many animals as we do, We wouldn't cut as many trees as we do. If I was queen things would change. Everything would rearrange.

Nature's Jewel
by Maureen
Age 12

A mournful cry echoes throughout the land, A golden mist covers the ground. Snow shows white like powdered sugar, As they come out to bound around. They look like ghosts in the silver rays of the moon, Their eyes twinkle like dew upon grass. White stars fall to the snowy ground as frosty winds blow, And they run swiftly past. How beautiful they look with their eyes so gentle and kind, Their song full of spirit and pride. Growls and barks roll like thunder, Their flowing movements like the tide. Skies turn pink as the moon and stars melt into the sky, Birds sing a song of night to day. The bees begin to buzz as the flowers awaken to bloom, As the little ones run off to play. They give playful barks as they give chase, Bounding in the tall grass as smells swirl around. How cute they are as playful as can be, Letting out a joyful sound. This is a creature of wisdom of hope, Of strength and power with so much love. A creature of mystery of faith and good will, They run all around you and even above. This is the gift of God, Of Mother Nature, Of the angels above, This is nature's jewel. The mighty wolf.

Above and Beyond
by Lindsay
Age 9

Above and beyond, we'll fly so high, Up to Mount Everest, way past the sky, Imagine of all the things we could do if we really try. You can do anything possible as long as you dream, the day is so long, it can go on forever it may seem. But dreams can happen only if you try. Soar above and beyond, and dreams will certainly never die.

I love you!
by Darrell
Age 12

You may not think I love you, You may not think I care. But there's something inside of me I need to share. I love you with all my heart, I really truly do, So I'm writing this poem to share it with you. You know all those bad times we've gone threw you and me, together we've overcome them and it wasn't hard to do. We just put our heads together me and you we did, and now we're fighting strong because I've loved you since I was a little kid. And I'm saying to you now, I love you very much, so when you think I hate you I love you an awful bunch.

Spring is here
by Tisha
Age 10

Flower Buds Bloom & Sprout. Trees Hang Their Branches Out. Birds, Come Soar & Sing, And Help Welcome In This Spring!

December Short Stories:

The Three Weather Fairies
By Jinelle
Age 13

Once upon a time there were three weather fairies. The first fairy was named Raindrop; the second was named Sumbeam; and the third was named Snowflake. Every day the fairies would fight over who would get to change the weather. So Mother nature said,"I will give you each an area of land where you can always have the weather your way. Raindrop, you will go to Papua New Guinea; Sumbeam, you will go to California; and Snowflake, you will go to Alaska." So they said their good-byes(a little too happily)and went their separate ways. They each loved having land to themselves, and none of them wanted to leave until a week later... In Papua New Guinea Raindrop was getting very tired of having rain all the time, and was VERY bored. So she decided to go visit Sunbeam. Meanwhile, in California, Sunbeam was getting sick and tired of having no variety in the weather, and was VERY happy when Raindrop arrived and it started to rain. After a few days, Raindrop and Sunbeam wanted even more variety, so they went to visit Snowflake. Alaska had been a winter wonderland ever since Snowflake came into town and he was starting to miss his fellow fairies. So you can imagine how utterly ecstatic he was when, none other than Raindrop and Sunbeam showed up! After they were joined up, the fairies returned to their real home. Mother nature appeared to "greet them", "Have you learned your lesson?" she asked."Yup!"Raindrop replied cheerfully. Yes, we've learned your lesson." Added Snowflake. "Anyway, we'd rather live with you." Said Sunbeam, giving her a hug. They all talked and giggled as they walked together. THE END And the moral of this story is, "Too much of any good thing, can be a bad thing".

A Long Night's Dream
by Lindsay
Age 9

As I was sleeping, a dream popped in my head. I awoke in my dream, and I appeared to be in some kind of winter wonderland. "It's probably normal." I thought.But, It wasn't. There were gingerbread people toys, and snowman living in this environment. "Wow." I said, as the white frosting covered tree tops. On house shingles, there was coconut covered flakes. The house was made of gingerbread all together. It was awesome. But then... My alarm went off to wake up-in the real world! So then, I was off to school, in a winter wonderland !!

If I Could See a Rainbow
by Claire
Age 9

If I could choose one place to see a rainbow it would have to be back in time on board the Titanic.everyone would rush out on deck to see the dazzling rainbow. I would find a place where I am all alone and wish that I could be on land chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with all the little children.I would play a game with myself to see if I could remember the the colors of the rainbow in the right order. "Red, Orange , Blue.Oh, I'll never get it.Before I'd know it the rainbow would be gone.I knew that the rainbow was still with me. It would be with me forever. I could feel the rainbow inside of me. Oh, what a wonderful feeling it was!

the cat and the butterfly
by Tina
Age 9 1/2

once there was a cat called oliver.He loved to chase butterflys.But one day he saw the most beautiful butterfly he had ever saw. So he went up to it and said hello do you want to be my friend? and he did. And they became friends. THE END


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