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October Poetry:

Through the eyes of an Angel
by Megan
Age 12

I see a little girl, lost and alone. Trying so hard to find her way home. Cold and frightened of what might be She's really not much different than me. In church a young mother saying a silent prayer, Wondering if there is anyone there. "My children are hungry dear LORD can't you see? Please hear my prayer for my family and me." An elderly man was stopped at the light, He did not expect his soul would be taken this night. He has grandkids and family, for this he must stay, So how could his life be ending this way. These are the things I can see with my heart My decision with this is - where should I start? They all need my help in some type or way, But which should be the first I deal with today. If I save one, what about the rest My choice is important, is this my test? The young girl, the mother, or the old man Whose soul needs most, my helping hand? Through the eyes of an angel decisions are made, With love, caring and a faith that won't fade. So when I am in a dilemma, and I don't know what to do, I too turn to God, and He always comes through.

by Lizet
Age 6

Stars take place at night, right up in the sky.

by Shiv
Age 12

When I was 6, I really liked horses. I had loads of posters, And liked reading about them. When I was 9 I learned, How to ride a horse. I learnt to start, I learnt to stop. Walk, trot and canter. When I was 12 I realized, That if I wanted I could gallop. I jumped a small jump, Then galloped straight after.

When Will I...
by Angela
Age 12

When will I get a friend? A friend that will never want our friendship to end. When will I write a book? And never overlook? When will I be bright? Knowing how to discourage fights. When will I walk in the footsteps of a stranger? Making precautions about danger. When will I know things I never knew? They'll be announced soon without further ado. When will I see the world around and above us? To do that studying is a must. When will I know that I'm safe and out of harm's way? I'll find out another day.

I Think About
by Angela
Age 12

Lying About in bed, Thoughts fill up my head. I think about reading and having fun, Having fun while playing outside in the sun. I think about the future, As if it were tomorrow. The day when I forget my sorrows. I think about things, Some things I don't even know about. As the night sky sizzles with the moon and star, I dream about traveling to magical places that are far.

The Meaning of Love
by Marques
Age 14

Love is real Love is something everyone should feel Love is true to everyone including me and you Love is very special,so we need to cherish it because the way this world is getting it won't be here for long.

by Alissa
Age 5

I have a turtle named Crush. It doesn't blush. It's a toy and green. It will never be a queen. Crush's eyes are black, A turtle shell is on his back. He can light up in the dark, Since he's a turtle, He doesn't bark. Crush is cute and small, But he's bigger than a bouncing ball.

A Friend
by Angela
Age 12

A friend is probably the only thing I need, For a friend gives me companionship. Just one friend can be my world. Friends are like flowers in a garden. Everytime we grow, Our friendship grows. A friend is just the thing I need, To cheer me on and face the impossible. For a friend is not like anybody else but his or her self. Our own world of friendship will last forever.

A Poem About Friendship
by Nancy
Age 12

Friends never forget friends, We'll always be friends no matter what. Together or separated we're still friends. Friends are like family. Without friends, it's nothing. Like a bird without wings, Friends can never be replaced. If replaced, they're not the same. It's like having nothing as a friend. THERE ARE LOCKS TO OUR FRIENDSHIP AND WE ARE THE KEY. NEVER FORGET!

Our Wondrous World
by Angela
Age 12

Earth is as pure as gold to most of us. Many people don't realize the importance of how lucky we are to live on a planet that gives us life and food. Our beloved world is to be cherished. Everything about the magnificent world is liked. From the music of the dolphins, To the thunders roaring. The Earth provides us we need, not desire. Animals aren't that intelligent but who knows? They could also be appreciating the world. Out world is full of surprises just waiting for us to open. But it's kept secret until the moment is right. The wondrous world on which we live on is full of many surprises. From Pluto to Mercury, Of the nine planets, Our Earth is the only place with life. Celebrating Earth Day is one way to show our appreciation. To help the earth be clean can be done by recycling the world. As you can see, There are many ways to help our Earth. Our wondrous world can last forever if peace roamed the land. Problems would be solved and friendships of country would resume. Everyone would have eternal happiness in his or her dreams. Happiness will not last eternally because angriness roams more of the land. Controlling our anger and dealing with our problems is a way to help Mother Earth rest peacefully.

My Autumn Poem
by Pam
Age 7

In autumn it is so much fun to wake up before everyone.the autumn air is so crisp that I want to stay outside all night sunsets in autumn are so beautiful that you think of summer flowers.autumn is such a nice season.

by Leena
Age 10

Winter come winter go, Winter is so very cold, Snowflakes fall to the ground, Kids are making snowmen round, Sipping hot cocoa by the fire, Reading a book that you've desired, Winter come winter go, Winter is so very cold!

The Break
by Kara
Age 15

I don't understand what happened that day. Every thing seemed right, there was no fight. Dad was here for Christmas eve, cheese and crackers and snacks for hours. Then one day he decided to leave, Packed up his thing kissed my cheek. He left before but not for long, Somehow I knew this time it was done. I wanted to cry, but not in front of mom. For her I knew I must be strong. Not really know what was going on, I went to my room and put music on. The day of depending on mom and dad, to keep me happy and keep me fed. Those days are gone along with my smiles. For when he slammed the door in my face, I didn't know I was only eight. Hug mom when she cries, you don't want he to go away. Keep her as long as you can, before they come back and take her to that room again. When sister hits you, just laugh and run away. Not a problem you want to create. Mom might get angry, she doesn't mean it. Her life was harder, so she can't try to reason. I love them now, Not really my dad. The day I loved him is now sadly dead. But the same things occur, because life is still bad. It doesn't get better so they say, so I think of things to make it all go away.


Carry On
by Janie
Age 16

Carry on the love so sweet,kind and strong. Carry on the love that overcome the pain and show it not a game. Carry on the power and that he will give you flower. Carry on strong so your past will stay strong. Carry on the word of light to see some one smile that right. Carry on,Carry on to the great of our past to carry on.


October Short Stories:

The Deserted Island
by Carla
Age 13

On a beach in a place unknown, The luscious palm trees are overgrown. The crystal clear water of the ocean lays still, screeches from rainbow parrots,are distant and shrill. The tropical flowers' scent carried in the air, Laying on the sandy beach without any cares. Waves lapping the silent sea shore, Could any one wish for anymore? More than the shells glistening in the light? More than the sun,golden and bright? More than the ocean, vast, blue and peaceful, trickling through my fingers like liquid crystal? More than the palm trees dominating the sky line? More than the beauty of which this paradise does shine? Nothing can match the peace and harmony, Of what this lonely island does bring to me. The sands of time are endless and white, Every tree, flower, and water droplet shines bold, and bright.

Halloween Night
by Emily
Age 12

One Halloween Night Stacey was going to go Trick or Treating with her friends Tanya and Vivian When she got to Vivians house Tanya was already there. "Hey, Viv!" Tracy said. "Hey Trac." Vivian said back. At the time Tracy could not see Tanya's face, her back was to Tracy and Vivian was doing something with her hair. "What are you doing?" Tracy asked. "Oh, umm." Vivian stuttered. It was like she was trying to think of something to say. "I'm uhh, doing her hair!" She finally said excitedly. "Oh, cool. Can I see?" Tracy asked. "NO!" Tracy was confused she did not know why she could not see Tanya's hair. She also did not know why Tanya had not said hello to her. Then again, it wasn't like she had said hello or anything. "So, where are we gonna go trick or treating?" Tracy asked, seeing if Tanya would answer this time. "Oh, it'll probably be just me and you." Vivian said. "Why?" "Just because. Okay?!" "Ya, sure." Tanya still had not said a word. Then, all because she had been wondering why and needed to know what was up, Tracy started creeping closer and closer to Vivian and Tanya. She was going to see what was up. She finally was close enough when she yelled, "So why can't I see?" And she turned her face to Tanya's and screamed! "There's blood all over your face!" Then, Vivian said, "Tracy, I said you can't look! We didn't want you to know." "But there's blood all over her face and with that Tanya fell over. "Ahh, there's a knife in her back!" The two girls started laughing, "Help me, please, help." Tanya said as she giggled with Vivian. "Oh, no!" Vivian said sarcastically. "What's going on?" Tracy asked. "Got you!" Tanya and Vivian yelled. "Oh, guys. That was mean! But, funny too!" Tracy said. "We know. It was my idea too!" Tanya said. "A darn good one too!" Vivian said. "So were still going trick or treating right? And everyone's coming?" Tracy asked. "Of, course." Tanya said. "Good." Tracy said with relief. She couldn't bare to not go trick or treating without her two best friends. That night while they were trick or treating they got a ton of candy. Tanya would sneak up on Vivian or Tracy and yell, "Boo!" and they would scream. At the end of the night when they got home the three girls had a ton of candy. Tanya had gotten two full bags. Vivian got one and almost a half of another and Tracy hid hers and said, "Guys, I lost my candy. Oh, well, guess you'll just have to share until I find mine!" And then Vivian said, "Oh, well I have to open all of them to make sure there is nothing bad inside." and Tanya said, "No! I'm not sharing and I'll inspect my own candy thank you!" The girls had a great night and when morning rolled around they all had to go to school again. Back to the books, pens, papers, homework and teachers. "I guess there still is something scary at school." One of the kids named Mike said at school. "What?" Tanya asked. "The principal."

by Karina
Age 11

One game that I remember is when we played against West. West is my old team so I know pretty much everybody on that team. They are also the toughest team in the league. Anyway, both of our main pitchers were gone and I was the third pitcher. I was pitching first! This was my second game pitching, but my first game being the main pitcher. My drills had been practiced and practiced, but I was still nervous. The game finally came. During our practice I pitched and pitched until I had the perfect pitch. It was deadly hot out. I was sweating like a dog! We were the home team so I was fidgeting like a two year old going to the dentist. When I got on the mound, I picked up the rosin bag. It felt like a marshmallow in my hands. I picked up the yellow ball. My grip was just right. Then I warmed up with the catcher. My pitch was not too hard, but I still got strikes. The batter finally stepped into the box. I did the wind up, the pitch. Strike one. I got the ball back. The wind up, the pitch. Strike two. The ball came back. The wind up, the pitch. Strike three. I starred in awe as I watched the dust fly off the catchers mitt. Out. The word rang in my ears. It stuck to me like super glue. The next two outs. A perfect inning. The next inning I walked out to the pitching mound. Same routine. I threw the first pitch. It sailed over my head into the left field. They caught it. Out. I walked a few people, and then a girl got a hit. It was a line drive to short-stop. She caught it. Out. The word stuck again. Strike one, strike two, strike three. Out. Perfect, again. The rest of the game went swell, but we still lost. After all, they are the toughest team in the league. I was still proud though. My mom was bragging to all of her friends, " My baby got three strikeouts in one inning." My dad would say, "Hey, there's my little striker!" I was very proud.


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