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April Poetry:

Spring Is Here
by Faren
Age 14

Smiles on faces
All kinds of birds soaring
Spring is here
Mother nature is roaring
Kids playing
And having fun
Burning their energy
In the sun
Look right there
Two yellow butterflies
This beautiful sight
Overwhelmed in my eyes
Flower to flower goes
The pollen-taking bees
Leaves growing green
All over the trees
Wind in my hair
What a wonderful breeze
Surround by heaven
Oh, I'm so at ease

The Sweetish Moments
by Guirlande
Age 14

The relaxing feeling you get from waking up from sweet dreams, All your biggest fantasies have come true. The warm feeling you get when the sun shines upon your half awaken face, A new precious day to be grateful for. It's Saturday morning and you smell fresh baking pancakes and warm, mouthwatering biscuits- Your favorite! You're taking a stroll outside with a loved one on the perfect day. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it couldn't get any better! The enormous ear to ear smile that appears on your face when Received an A exam that you thought you failed. The priceless shock and joy you get when you thought you needed money for lunch, But instead you had money in your account. The three o'clock bell rings and school is over; You're a bird that has been freed from its undersized cage. All the smiles, laughs and jokes you get from spending time with your best friends, Your face hurts from laughing! You went to the mall and you got the priceless glance of the person you have a crush on, Gosh he/she so cute!!!!! Having the rare, cold weather in time for the holidays in Florida, Mom makes hot chocolate and brings out the heaters, the good old times! Taking a hot, steamy bubble bath on a stressful day, Suddenly all your troubles wash away. Lying on your bed while listen to the rain drops, It couldn't get any more peaceful. Scoring the winning shot on a championship game, You feel like you're ten times better than Michael Jordan. Having soldiers putting their life on the line for you each and every day, I'm truly proud to be an American! Seeing people in other countries get their lives taken away because of their religion, race, or even because of freedom of speech, Bless God for America, the land of the free. Reminiscing on all that they tried to do to bring America down, Flying air planes into our precious buildings and killing thousand of our people. Sadly, they thought it would defeat and weaken America, But I am glad to say it made us united and stronger than ever! I'm really happy when I reminisce on all these blessed times, Moments that we cherished and keep close in our hearts. They are the sweetish moments, The sweetish moments!

School Rules!
by Angela
Age 13

School is exceptional, It's absolutely cool. I have many priorities When I go to school. Algebra is really uncomplicated I'm telling you. Once you understand slope There's nothing you can't do. Honors English rocks with grammar and spelling. Our week's really predictable But there's no telling. PE has been great exuberance since day one Every sport we've done with Ms. Parker Has been incredible fun. Honors History is enjoyable and enlightening with Ms. Andrew. Learning about China and Japan Probably has an effect on you. Honors Science had a lot of videos to watch. The class for me has just been scotched. Leadership has been a great heap of happiness. It's one of the classes better than best. Seventh grade has been a breeze so far. With supporters and teachers like mine, I could touch the sky and the stars. I've learned a lot since September 2003. Now that it's a brand new year I will actually start on deciding who I want to be. Hopefully it's the same for everyone. For everyone who wants to get their things done. It'll be smooth sailing through school if you stay on task. Never ever hide your exceptional talent. Leave your face unmasked.

The Golden Basket
by Lizzi
Age 12

I will slowly place in my golden silk basket, The sun slowly setting on the sea,the sound of waves crashing and pounding on barnacle covered rocks, A shimmering, quivering, fresh drop of dew. I will slowly place in golden, silk basket, Old, brown, tatty, dusty sandals, A ballroom dress, green, like a glittering emerald, and red, like a shining ruby, Pure silver, oval earrings. I will slowly place in my golden, silk basket, A golden cherry from the tree of love, A best friend's last good-bye, The first and last magical word, A rough, uneven stone from a crumbling castle wall, A single, shining, multicoloured scale from the rainbow serpent, A soft summer breeze, skimming the treetops and blowing a torn picture of my family.

by Franchesca
Age 11

When I watch you say your prayers at night, I say a little one, too, Thanking God for giving me a precious person like you!

My Best Friend
by Julie
Age 14

My Best Friend! My best friend Shanda She's just like a panda She's always there for you Even if your blue! We've been best friends forever Try to take us apart, never She'll always be by my side For that very long ride We fight sometimes Until I make up some rhymes We'll love each other 'till the end She'll always be my best friend.

The Last Second Shot
by Joey
Age 10

22-20 We had the ball We weren't going to fall We are going to win Bob threw me the ball tick-tick-tick I threw it up towards the hoop I missed But we weren't done Joe got it and kicked it out to me 3...2...1... "Shoot" My teammates screamed Ring My team went nuts Their team went crazy The ref blew the whistle and ended my dream.

by Charlie
Age 14

Soccer is fun Soccer is Sweet!! I like to play soccer on the street Dribbling the ball Towards the goal I get slide tackled But I kick it and roll Get onto my feet Back onto the street I just realized, I'm almost in defeat I run to the guy who knocked me down Stole the ball and dribbled it around Pass to a teammate Head to the goal He gives it right back I shoot and score!! Were back in the game It's three to two A minute to go What should I do? Take the ball Dribble it up I'm playing offense And Holding the team up I do a move Fake him out Now it's time to go all out I plant my foot As if I'll shoot I just turn away And the goalie wonders what to do He dives to the right Anticipating there I shoot to the left We tie the game fair and square The ref blows the whistle they're twenty seconds to go They have the ball I said "Oh no!" Were fighting for the ball They kick it out It's our ball The crowed shouts "all out" They throw it to me I pass it up Sprint up the field And wish for luck The clock is ticking were at center field I'm wide open On the left of the field We better score or we wont have fame If my teammate doesn't pass we might lose the game I get the ball dribble to the eighteen I take a high shot The goalie jumps But instead of hitting him in the thigh It whizzes right by I thought I failed The whistle blew it must be the end I said "Pooh Hoo" I quickly looked up When my teammates were cheering We had won What a feeling

by Aly
Age 13

Rain is falling Out of the pale Sky Night is crawling in and the wind is fierce My pain and sorrow Are in the form of raindrops That are silver tears Hitting the hard, Solemn ground I stand alone In this darkness That veils the essence Of the sun And I sadly watch The Rain fall.


April Short Stories:

Farmer Blue and His Animals
by Thomas
Age 7

One day Farmer Blue lived in California. People were going to knock down his house and farm and put a mall there. So Farmer Blue and his animals moved to North Carolina where family and friends lived and bought a house and a barn. Farmer Blue saw a bright red very red barn with a blue roof. It had clean stables filled with hay. Mr. Horse and Mrs. Cow saw green, green very green grass in the pasture with a black and white fence to mark for the cows. Farmer Blue saw his nice house that was all brick with a porch and porch swing, two floors and an attic and three chimneys. Mr. Duck saw nice bright blue pond with frogs, fish, Lilly pads, turtles and other things. On the farm Farmer Blue grew crops, cotton, eggplants, apple trees, lettuce, onions, radishes and peaches. Farmer Blue was very sad because the people who helped around the old farm didn't want him to move and he really like them. Mr. and Mrs. Duck were sad too because they missed their friends at the old pond. Mrs. Cow was sad too because she had an ache in her tummy. And Horse was sad because he missed the other horses that Farmer Blue's stable hands brought to play with him. One day Mrs. Cow had a calf named Spotty named after his great grandfather. Mrs. Cow was happy again. Horse soon found other horses and he was very happy. Mr. and Mrs. Duck made new friends in the pond and they were happy again. Farmer Blue sold some of his harvest and gave some to the poor people who don't have money to buy food. This made Farmer Blue feel happy again. They were very happy forever and ever.


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