"Dressing like B-movie monsters is the latest fad sweeping through Bixby Elementary - but what's driving the strange compulsion?" Drew, Clementine, Grady,...
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Pipper's Secret Ingredient
By Jane Murphy
And Allison Fingerhuth
Illus By Neal Sharp
Review By Christina Lewis

"Meet Pipper, food blogger, world traveler, and best friend to a tight group of canine companions. Join her on her tail-wagging adventure in search of the secret ingredient to the perfect treat." Pipper travels through Egypt, Paris, New York, and South America in search of the perfect ingredient, but back home her friends discover that Bull Bogus is determined to find the secret ingredient first and will stop at nothing to get it. But will Pipper discover what the secret ingredient is, or will something closer to home hold the answer? (Ages 9-12)

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