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The Rock of Ivanore (The Celestine Chronicles: Book One)
By Laurisa White Reyes
Review By Christina Lewis

Marcus Frye's fourteenth birthday is a special day, not only for him but for the other boys who will be joining the "Great Quest." Marcus is delighted that the town council has agreed to let him, a mere orphan, join in the quest. Every year on the first day of spring all the boys in Quendel who have reached the age of manhood set out on a journey across Imaness. Their quest will be given to them by Zyll, the town wizard whom Marcus is apprenticed to. Those who succeed will live a life of honor, but those who fail will live a life of menial labor in shame. Marcus is just learning magic and does not feel confident as he heads out on the quest to retrieve the Rock of Ivanore. A tale full of action, adventure, deception, and redemption young readers will enjoy. (Ages 9-12)

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