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Ashen Winter (Ashfall)
By Mike Mullin
Review By Christina Lewis

Book 2 in the Ashfall trilogy follows Alex and Darla as they try to locate Alex's parents, but survival becomes harder each day. Yellowstone erupted months ago, and Darla and Alex have been staying with his relatives in Warren. The country has become a violent place and their futures look bleak. When bandits attack the farm they discover one of them has a gun Alex's dad took with him. So Alex and Darla set off on a dangerous journey to locate his parents. Daily they deal with bandits, cannibals, and even the government wanting to put them in refugee camps. Through all the turmoil Darla and Alex stay together, so when Darla is taken Alex will stop at nothing to get her back. But getting her back will cost lives, can Alex finds the strength and determination he needs to survive? An edge of your seat apocalyptic thriller you'll get lost in. (Young Adult) *Some situations and language may not be appropriate for younger readers.

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