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Molly, By Golly!: The Legend of Molly Williams, America's First Female Firefighter
By Dianne Ochiltree
Illus By Kathleen Kemly
Review By Christina Lewis

Molly Williams is Fire Company No. 11's cook, and she's the finest in New York City. The fire fighters knew that Molly put her heart and soul into everything she did, and one blustery wintry day she would prove just how wonderful she was. A terrible snowstorm is blowing, many people are sick with the flu, and now there's a fire at a house in town. When the alarm bells ring Molly is surprised at how few volunteers are able to come help, so she she straps on an old leather helmet, spatterdashes, and work gloves and runs out to help. For hours Molly helps fight the fire and never gives up. A wonderful story about courage, strength, and determination. Young readers will also learn how fires were fought in the early 1800's. (Ages 4-8)

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