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KidsBookshelf Newsletter
April 22, 2012

Welcome KidsBookshelf Readers!

Happy Earth Day!! Enjoy these earth and nature friendly books!

Earth-Friendly Buildings, Bridges and More: The Eco-Journal of Corry Lapont
By Etta Kaner
Illus by Stephen MacEachern 
Twelve-year-old Corry Lapont is a future "green" engineer. Her parents are both architects and Corry has traveled with them around the world as they work on projects, so her journal is full of examples of earth friendly architecture from all over. You'll find lots of information on how buildings and bridges are constructed. (Ages 9-12)

Get Outside: The Kids Guide to Fun in the Great Outdoors
By Jane Drake and Ann Love
Illus by Heather Collins
When I was a kid we played outside in all seasons, no matter what the weather was like. The possibilities of fun things to do was endless. Kids today have other things to keep them occupied indoors, but this great guide gives you lots of ideas for outdoor play in all seasons, and even great indoor fun too. You can build a birdhouse, make a scarecrow, make a night sky dome, and so much more. (Ages 6 and up)

Lower the Trap (Lobster Chronicles 1)
By Jessica Scott Kerrin
Graeme Swinimer wants to be a marine biologist someday, and he knows everything about his fishing community of Lower Narrow Spit. One day Graeme's dad catches a giant lobster and the whole town is excited. Graeme is excited when his dad agrees to put the lobster up for auction at the town's annual lobster fest. Graeme is just sure their lobster will get the highest bid, and his dad has promised to use the money to take him to the marine research aquarium. But after learning about another giant lobster that was caught in 1977, Graeme begins to wonder if the right thing to do would be to set the lobster free instead. (Ages 9-12)


Re-Craft: Unique Projects That Look Great (and Save the Planet)
By Jen Jones and Carol Sirrine
If you have a passion for crafts and our planet then you will love this book! You can transform every items like jeans, tshirts, old cd's, tin cans, twigs, and more into fun new items. The easy step-by-step instructions and photo guides will have you on your way to recycled fashion in no time. (Ages 9-12)

The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea 
By Helaine Becker
Illus by Willow Dawson
"Whether you live on the beach or a thousand kilometers inland, the ocean is the most important thing in your life." This book is full of activities that will help you understand how the ocean functions and the things that threaten to destroy it. A great way to learn about the most important part of our planet! (Ages 9-12)

The Island Horse
By Susan Huges
When Ellie's father gets a job on Sable Island, Ellie is sad to leave her home and the place where she has the most memories of her mother. After arriving on the island Ellie feels sad and alone, until one day she meets a beautiful wild stallion she names Orchid, after her mother's favorite flower. When Ellie learns about the yearly roundup of the wild horses she knows she must do everything she can to save Orchid and his horse. A touching story about friendship and determination. (Ages 7 and up)


I See Fall
By Charles Ghigna
Illus by Ag Jatkowska
In the fall we see trees of red and brown, apples, geese, jack-o-lantern's, costumes, scarecrows, and more. The bright illustrations and simple text bring the colors and fun of fall alive for young readers. (Infant-Preschool)

I See Winter
By Charles Ghigna
Illus by Ag Jatkowska
In the winter we see snowflakes, geese, boots, hats, frost, skates, snowmen, and more. The bright illustrations and simple text bring the colors and fun of winter alive for young readers. (Infant-Preschool)

Wild Rose's Weaving
By Ginger Churchill
Illus by Nicole Wong
Grandma wants to teach Rose to weave, but Rose is always too busy. She's busy running through the meadow, watching lightning strike the ground, running through the wind, splashing in the rivers, and doing anything but weaving. But when Grandma is done with her rug she shows Rose that it's not just a rug, but a picture of life. Now Rose wants to learn to make her own rug, but when Grandma sees a beautiful rainbow outside she says there's something more interesting to do right now, and she and Rose play in the sunshine. (Ages 4-8)



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