"Dressing like B-movie monsters is the latest fad sweeping through Bixby Elementary - but what's driving the strange compulsion?" Drew, Clementine, Grady,...
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Our goal is to encourage parents and caregivers to help children discover the enjoyment of reading. To encourage creativity and imagination in children through reading, writing, and drawing. I started this site to do what I enjoy most; read and talk about childrens literature.

This site is produced and published by a dedicated mom and children's literature lover.

We do not use a rating system with our book reviews because we only inlclude books that we feel are appropriate and worthwhile to read. That does not mean that books not included on our website are not worthwhile, I am trying very hard to read as many books as I can and include them on our site! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on ways to improve this site please contact us.

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