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Today In History - July 24th
YearHistoric Event
1673Edmund Halley enters Queen's College Oxford as an undergraduate.
1701French make 1st landing at site of Detroit.
1704Great Britain takes Gibralter from Spain
1847Mormon leader Brigham Young & followers arrive at Salt Lake City Ut
1862Martin Van Buren 8th pres dies in Kinderhook N.Y.
1866Tennessee becomes 1st Confederate state readmitted to Union.
1925Scopes guilty of teaching evolution in a Tn HS fined $100 & costs
1929Pres Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounced war
1937Alabama drops charges against 5 blacks accused of rape in Scottsboro
1946US detonates atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll
1952Pres Truman announced a settlement in a 53-day steel strike.
1959VP Nixon argued with Khrushchev known as the `Kitchen Debate'
1967Charles de Gaulle says 'Vive le Quebec libre! Long live free Quebec!'
1969Apollo 11 returns to Earth
1975Apollo 18 returns to Earth
1978Billy Martin resigns as Yankee manager after 'the one is a born liar the other a convicted one' comment about Steinbrenner & Jackson

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