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Today In History - September 2nd
YearHistoric Event
0031BC Battle of Actium; Octavian defeats Antony becomes Emp Augustus
0490BC Phidippides runs 1st marathon seeking aid from Sparta vs. Persia
1620Mayflower sets sail from Plymouth with 102 Pilgrims
1666Great Fire of London starts; destroys St. Paul's Church
1752Last day of Julian calendar in Britain British colonies
1789US Treasury Department established by Congress
1804K L Harding discovers Juno 3rd known asteroid
1859Gas lighting introduced to Hawaii
1898Lord Kitchener retakes Sudan for Britain
1927Rumour starts that Gehrig will be traded to Tigers
19361st transatlantic round-trip air flight
1945Vietnam declares independence from France (National Day)
1945V-J Day; formal surrender of Japan aboard USS Missouri
1946Johnny Neun replaces Bill Dickey as Yankee manager
1956Washington-Jackson cable line replaced by bus service
1957Milwaukee Brave's Frank Torre scores 6 runs in 1 game
1963CBS & NBC expand network news from 15 to 30 minutes
1973Billy Martin fired as manager of Tigers
1978Reggie Jackson is 19th player to hit 20 HR in 11 straight years

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