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Today In History - September 16th
YearHistoric Event
1498Death of Tomas de Torquemada inquisitor who burned 10 000 people
1620Mayflower departs from Plymouth England with 102 pilgrims
1630Mass village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston
1662Flamsteed sees solar eclipse 1st known astronomical observation
1782Great Seal of US used for 1st time
1795British capture Capetown
1810Mexico 1st declares independence from Spain (National Day)
1812Fire of Moscow
1857Typesetting machine patent
18581st overland mail for California
1893Cherokee Strip Oklahoma opened to white settlement homesteaders
1908William Crapo Durant incorporates General Motors
1915US takes control of customs & finances of Haiti for 10 years
1919American Legion incorporated by an act of Congress
1924Cardinal Jim Bottomley bats in 12 RBIs in 1 game
1939Yanks clinch pennant #11
19401st US peace-time draft in US enacted
1940Samuel T Rayburn of Tx elected speaker of the House
1945Barometric pressure at 856 mb (25.55") off Okinawa (record low)
1946James Jeans dies
19471st automobile to exceed 400 mph John Cobb Bonneville Salt Flats
1955Bauer & Berra homer in the 9th beating Red Sox 5-4 taking over 1st
1964Shindig premiers
1966Metropolitan Opera opens at NY's Lincoln Center
1968Richard Nixon appears on Laugh-in
19721st TV series about mixed marriage - Bridgit Loves Bernie
1974BART begins regular transbay service
1974Pres Ford announces conditional amnesty for Vietnam deserters
1975Papua New Guinea gains independence from Australia (National Day)
1976Episcopal Church approves ordination of women as priests & bishop
1977Maria Callas American-born prima donna dies in Paris at 53
1978Yanks beat Red Sox for 6th time in 2 weeks 3-2
1979Catfish Hunter Day at Yankee Stadium
1982massacre of 1000+ Palestinian refugees at Chatila & Sabra begins
1984Miami Vice premiers

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