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April Poetry:

by Hannah
Age 12

As I walk into the stalls, the smell of the dried hay is filled into my nose. I hear the clattering of hooves slamming against the smooth concrete. As I prepare the saddle ready to ride, I feel the thick muscles upon the legs. Then as I started, I felt the silky mane blowing rapidly in my face. After the ride is over, I bathe her fur, as it shines to the sun. Next, I brushed its fur, as if it's golden stings of precious hair. The day has ended, as the blazing sun goes down, the cold moon goes up.

My Little Brother
by Bryan
Age 12

My little brother
is cute as a puppy.
His laughs are like
little barks.
He always
wants to play with me.

My little brother
runs fast as Dash
in the Incredibles.
He always run around fast
and he brags that
he's the fastest.

My little brother
is like a ball.
He goes anywhere
he wants.
You never know where
he'll go.

My little brother is
like a monkey.
He mimics and follows me.

Think Before You Speak
by Abraham
Age 12

Think before you speak.
Something that hurts people’s heart.
Always speak in peace!

Come Home With Me
by Jodi
Age 15

Come home with me

I see you there standing alone
So lonely, so broken
Hollow inside you search
Search for a guide
To take you to unknown places
To Comfort you, to hold you close
To take you home

Your face stays emotionless
Your eyes stay fixed to the wall
No sign of life
But yet you look so life-like
With your rosy cheeks
And your joyful smile

Come home, Come home with me
I’ll comfort you, I’ll hold you
So tightly, so lovingly
I’ll take you to unknown places
I’ll let you stay forever
We’d play games
We’d dance and sing
We’d share secrets
We’d be best friends

Still you sit there,
Alone and unhappy
Still with the same hollow smile
Still with eyes of no emotion
That’s when I realized
This figure was not my friend
Nor could it be
It couldn’t play games
Couldn’t dance nor sing
Couldn’t have secrets
And sadly
It couldn’t be my best friend
Because it was;
A thing of no life
A thing of pure hollowness
A thing that couldn’t live
Nor die..

I leave you alone
And go home
Wishing I had stayed
Wishing we could be friends
But we couldn’t
Because you weren’t real
You were just a plastic doll

The Struggle of Life
by Jon
Age 12

The Struggle of Life

Life is a mountain,
On which I
Trip and stumble.
But I know that
In the end,
I will succeed.

Life is also a river,
In which I
Sink and sputter.
But I know that
In the end, I will succeed.

Life is like both these hardships
And although I may struggle,
I will know that
In the end,
I will always succeed.

by Ariana
Age 11

Blue looks like a calm ocean
Blue feels like the warm sky
Blue tastes clear like the wind on a cold day
Blue smells like the tiny drops of dew that cling to a flower's petals Blue sounds like waves smashing and clashing against the sides of a boat

M.O.S.S.L. Tournament
by Cameron
Age 10

Fast running
Feet kick
Hard work
It was tough
Gotta be aggressive
Players pass
Take a shot
Goalie misses
We score


My Teddy Bear
by Rachel
Age 9

Teddy bear,
Teddy bear,
Oh how I do care
About your safety and protection
You're an absolute perfection
You're very beautiful and pretty
Did I mention very witty
Oh how I wish that you were here
Because you always stop the tears

by Rachel
Age 10

Once a year it comes for all.
A day to celebrate another year for you.
When you wake on the day you suddenly remember the day it is. When you see your friends you light up with joy. When you get home to see your family it is time to celebrate. A birthday just for you!

by Taylor
Age 10

There are treasures all around this place
Some can take you to outer space.
Up and down and all around
If you look hard they can be found!

by Leah
Age 10

Sunshine twinkling all around. Warming hearts of people. Thank goodness it's summer and no more cold weather! It's warm and bright and fills with delight for the children who love the sun! I would play all day with the sun because i love the sun!

I Hope
by Katie
Age 15

I hope when each day you awake,
You will think of the difference you can make.
I hope before the sun even rises to the sky,
Your task will come clear and you won’t ask why.
I hope on those bright and sunny days,
You will think of each person touching the sun’s rays.
I hope during all the days filled with fun,
You will be thankful for everything you have done.
I hope when the rain comes pouring down,
Your bright smile will never turn into a frown.
I hope on those few days that are boring,
You will find fun and excitement the next morning.
I hope you will always remember your best friend,
You will realize she will be there for you until the end.
I hope the most for this little request,
This one thing more important then all the rest.
…I hope that one day you will really see,
How much you truly mean to me!

by Katie
Age 15

One tree can start a forest.
One flower starts a field.
One stone begins each pathway.
One word has the power to heal.
One star can shine the brightest.
One sunbeam lights a room.
One candle wipes out darkness.
One laugh will conquer gloom.
One step must start each journey.
One word begins each prayer.
One vote can change a nation.
One touch shows that you care.
One thought starts each poem.
One goal awakens the dream.
One smile begins each friendship.
One friend means more than they seem.
One voice can forever change music.
One heart can know what is true.
One person can make a difference.
And that one person could be you.

Library Land
by Katie
Age 12

In Library Land you'll see...
unicorns, cats, and frogs!
Asia, Europe, and Africa.
Tulips, roses, and Jasmines.
science, math, and history!
Knights,dragons,and princesses
If you like anything at all, they'll most likely ave it at Library Land!

A Happy Day
by Christina
Age 13

I'm so happy.
Wouldn't you say,
It's such a wonderful day.

Children playing in the meadow.
Trying to spot one of their fellows. Everybody
in the sun,
Everybody having so much fun.

You wish that the day will never end,
But don't worry, Because there will be another day,
To play with your best friend.

The Time Machine
by Nailah
Age 9

I stepped into the living room,
and saw a time machine.
It was big and black and scary
and looked kind of mean.

I saw mom with a afro,
I guess I'm in the 70's.
Hey, I thought kind of weird
I can go where I please!

I saw mom and dad at there wedding,
Their about to say I do.
Their holding hands tight,
Everyone's crying, boo-hoo!

I see me as a baby
I'm learning how to walk.
There goes mom and dad
Talking baby talk.

I get back home in a flash
Soon enough to watch T.V.,
I didn't know that
My family had a wonderful life before me!



April Short Stories:

In the Bus
by Noor
Age 7

I see trees going by. It is a lovely world to be in. I love the world. The flowers growing by my side. All my friends are talking but I'm writing. It is a lovely world to be in. I see birds flying in the sky. The people are in their cars, but I'm in the bus. My friends are playing games. My eyes are shining in the sun. I am sweating but never mind. I live in the world and it's a lovely place to be in. I love the world so much. I love the world so so so much.

Kids Feel It Worse
by Christie
Age 12

Through my life I've experienced breakdowns and misery. But the strongest feeling I felt was pain. pain ran through my veins when the word Divorce came out of my mothers mouth. My cheeks were soaked and I didn't know how because my face was practically numb. numb. I didn't think I could move. Well, I could but I didn't want to. I was forced to move out of my countryside home because of a money issue. i had lived there since I was 2 years old so it was a major detail to the whole trauma. I lived on a farm and was discouraged to know i would not be able the take my animals with me. i moved to the city which kills me because it was so hard to get used to. My new school was hard to fit in to as well. It took me at least a month to make close friends. Now I have many friends, but still struggle to keep in contact with my closest friends back in the country. The transformation was one of the hardest and cruelest lessons of life. But I did indeed learn from it. I learned to just relax and deal with what you have in front of you. The thing I cherish most is my family. There are children or even adults that have no family. My family helped me, tried their best to help me through this hardship of my life but there are some things you have to do by yourself.


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