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July Poetry

Summer Days
by Stephanie
Age 16

summer days fade away, like a new dawn how I wish I could go back to the days when I was young what was then isn't now but why is that so bad? the summer days come again to softly fade away


Dreams Past and Passed
by Mohammed
Age 13

Dreams can come from the past and have passed you and me. Dreams can also come from the future and can also be passed on perfectly. Dreams are also special in different ways and, as I say, dreams can be past and passed.

BROWNIES (An Acrostic poem)
by Urjita
Age 8

Beautiful, juicy brownies gazing on the counter Ready to be eaten by me Once in a while made by mom Water comes dripping out of my mouth when I smell it Nine brownies run through my mind It melts marvelously in my mouth Especially chocolate fudge makes it better Safe and sound in my rumbling stomach

Birds and Nature
by j.dheeraj
Age 13

The land of our birth, we love the nature. the cool air and the hot winds the trees blowing and the birds squeak. I always think that why we can't live like the birds,they donot leave thier nest's the baby birds which toil to fly and its parents encouraging them.The birds feather acting like its wind cheater. The birds prayings to the father in heaven, oh,god teach us the strength that cannot seek, by deed or thought,to hurt the weak. In this beautiful world, some human devils are destroying the nature. For there purposes off course the human beings are also animals. how can we destroy our own motherland are they batty.

July Short Stories

The Bad Dream
by Maddy
Age 9

Amy laid in bed starring at the ceiling. A slivery snake was streaming through her window. She closed her eyes and saw a whirlpool of colors. The night sky looked dark and the light day looked light. "It looks like Egypt!"she said. Then she realized it was he own home. "I think that you need to get the Book of Wonders to make this thing change." said her father. "I already have the book." said Amy. "Well open it and say 'I wish to go home." replied her father. "I wish to go home."Repeated Amy. Then she opened her eyes in bed. She was home."Gosh what a dream." whispered Amy. In her mind was a voice saying "It's not a dream."

by Erin
Age 11

Soft little puppy near the fire A warm bowl of white milk, Your ears as soft as silk Getting groomed at night, Your fur is snowflake white. Overjoyed with your love, falling asleep on your cuff. Time to go to bed and rest your small head.

The Great Golly Gal
by Madison
Age 9

Once there was a girl with beautiful silk-black long hair. Her eyes always twinkled with happiness and pleasure. Every time she would walk past someone, they would say “golly, gal.” Soon her nickname became the “Great Golly Gal.” She became known far and wide for her great beauty. But something nobody knew, was that the beauty came from an evil witch who planned to cast upon her a spell that would make her so hideous, no one would want to be near her. The woman’s name was Marrianna. The witch’s name was Pontill. Pontill came to Marrianna, casting a spell that put her to sleep. Marrianna was a smart girl, so in her mind, she knew what was going on. She overcame the sleeping spell, before the witch came back that evening. Pontill was surprised when she came back. “Who dares give the kiss of true love to this hideous monstrosity?“ she called. Soon, she found out that there was no kiss involved. Pontill saw that Marrianna was smart, so she tried to trick her. She dressed up as a poor elderly woman, but Marrianna stayed away from the people of the village for a while. When she went to the forest to gather mangos and water for her family, she found something floating in the still waters of the river. She brought it back home and asked her mother if she knew what it was. It was a wand of magic. Like a genie, it will! grant y ou three wishes. She ventured back to the village, staying away from anyone but the witch and her friends. When she finally found Pontill, she asked her first wish to be Pontill taking her back to her layer. Pontill tried to cast the spell, but the wand protected her. “Ha, tiny girl. You think your little wand can protect you from me?!? You are foolish, and so is that pity little wand! “ said Pontill. “You think you can destroy this wand? Go ahead, try it,” said Marrianna. Pontill tried with all her might, but just couldn’t defeat the wand. In the end, the wand destroyed Pontill, and Marrianna found her true love, a prince from Narthania. Marrianna lived happily ever after and Pontill, well, became an outsider, living in the heat of the Morroco desert. “ I’ll get you Marrianna, I’ll get you if it’s the last thing I do! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

What the 4th of July Means to Me
by Brittany
Age 16

The Fourth of July, to me, is more than a celebration. It's the freedom my Grandmother and her family found when they came to this country as immigrants. It's America's past, present, and future contention with specific malicious powers of the world that dare to challenge that freedom which every being has the right to. The Fourth of July is more than writing your name in the night sky with a sparkler, eating more relish in one day than you have in a year, or splashing in a pool with family and friends. To me, the Fourth of July will always be a symbol of the freedom which men and woman have strove to retain over the years of this country's history. To live in this beautiful Country is an amazing privilege, and I pray that we may never take that privilege for granite, that we'll be willing to share that freedom with every person who seeks it, and that God may bless America with wisdom, freedom, and vitality, forever.

A Letter to My Violin
by Marina
Age 12

This might sound like a love letter but it's not. Violinists and musicians will understand this child's love for the violin and the music. For those who are not violinists or musicians, please read. Please read and let this child take you to a magical world of music. Dear my precious violin, I love you. I love you more than anything else in the world. You are my best friend,my true companion. Nothing can ever change my love for you. I had never had any true friends in school, nor anywhere else. Although they said that they are my best friends and said that they are going to be my friends forever, I knew that deep down in their hearts, the friendship is not loyal enough. Although you are just a plain instrument made of wood, and you are forever in silence, your loyalty and friendship to me is clear. You stayed by my side everytime. When I'm sad, I played sad music and you responded and comfort me by playing those musical notes of sadness back. But when I'm happy and started playing a duet with my teacher,you laughed and cheered along with me,those notes of laughter floating around the merry scene.When I'm nervous just before my violin exams, you calmed me down by playing successfully during the exam and minutes before,when I practiced the piece for the final time. I remembered very clearly, the very first time I got you. You were just lying in your music case in the music school then, and I pushed open the doors to the school quietly. When the staff behind the counter handed you over to me, I couldn't help but smile. During that music lesson with my teacher,I smiled again when I took you out from the music case and held you up. We played Mary Had A Little Lamb together, right? It was a silly song, a nursery rhyme for kids, but when I put your friend,the bow, on your strings, I knew that we are never going to part. I also remembered the time when I put you back in the case and held the case,with you inside,and quietly stepped out of the music school in to the noisy and crowded shopping mall outside.The feeling was magical as I held the case. I felt a warm feeling of happiness and excitement in my heart. I looked down at the case,and smiled. I'm sure you smiled back,right?No matter what, you are not going to part from me. Never ever. This is also a letter saying, we are going to be...friends forever.

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