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KidsBookshelf Newsletter
January 16, 2009

Welcome KidsBookshelf Readers!

Andrea Carter and the San Francisco Smugglers
By Susan K. Marlow
A winter flood has broken the levee, and Andrea Carter's california town of Fresno becomes covered in cold, muddy water. Andi's excited to learn the school will be closed down for repairs, until her mother tells her she'll be staying with her Aunt Rebecca in San Francisco and attending a boarding school for two months. Andi's sad to leave the ranch and her horse, but she soon finds a good friend in her roommate Jenny, and a cause worth fighting for. In the late 1800's thousands of young chinese girls were sold into slavery. And when Andi learns of the abuse the young kitchen girl, Lin Mei, is enduring, she vows to find a way to help her out. But Andi and Jenny's attempt to help Lin Mei get them captured in Chinatown, awaiting a terrible fate. Can the girls find the strength and courage they need to escape, and get help for Lin Mei? An exciting adventure you won't want to put down. (Ages 9-12)

Flames in the City: A Tale of the War of 1812 (Time Spies)
By Candice Ransom
It's time for another exciting trip for Mattie, Alex and Sophie. The siblings live with their parents in a bed and breakfast, and whenever a guest stays in the Jefferson Suite, they know they're in for a thrilling trip back in time. This time the three are headed to Washington, D.C. in the center of the war of 1812. Once they arrive they are told to flee the city immediately, the British are burning the city. And if they get to the White House and burn it down, the portrait of George Washington, a symbol of our independence will go up in flames. Can Mattie, Alex and Sophie help First Lady Dolley Madison rescue the picture of Washington before it's lost forever? A fun and fast-paced adventure young readers will enjoy. (Ages 9-12)

Eros and Equus
By Laura Chester
Illus by Donna DeMari
This collection of stories and poems is made especially for adult horse lovers. If you have a passion for horses, whether you're just a beginner or a pro, you'll enjoy this tribute to horses. From the joys of riding to heroes and heartbreak, these stories will ignite your love for these amazing animals. The stunning photographs capture the beauty of these strong creatures. (Adults)

Heartbeat for Horses
By Laura Chester and Donna DeMari
This is a collection of stories and photographs of horses, made especially for girls who love horses. From those who love to read about horses and ride them in their imaginations to those who ride horses and those who compete in shows and rodeos. You'll find great prose and poetry from many different writers, all about the beauty of horses. If you love horses, at any level, this is the book for you! (Ages 9-12)

Hiding Glory
By Laura Chester
Illus by Gary A. Lippincott
When Turner Flint first saw the tiny blue horse with the silver mane standing on her bedside table, she didn't know what to make of him. But she was glad he was there. Turner didn't know where he came from, but his name, Glory, meant guardian of the morning vine. When Glory takes Turner on a journey to Joya, she is able to forget her worries. Joya is an amazing place full of fantastic creatures, but the greedy kermudgins are marching through Joya destroying all its beauty. Can Turner find the courage to follow Glory into battle to save Joya? And when Turner returns home will things still be the same, or will life somehow be better? (Ages 9-12)

Martin Bridge: The Sky's the Limit!
By Jessica Scott Kerrin
Illus by Joseph Kelly
Martin and his Junior Badgers troop are excited for the fireworks show they get to watch from a boat. And to make it better, Martin's cousin is coming to stay a few days. But when Fletcher arrives, Martin is disappointed to learn they don't have much in common. Martin won a Zip Rideout cereal box prize, and he's so sure that it's coming today he invites the whole class over to play. But when Martin discovers his mom didn't get the promotion she'd hoped for, his game doesn't seem all that important anymore. Fun stories young readers will enjoy. (Ages 9-12)

Marvel the Marvelous
By Laura Chester
Illus by Gary A. Lippincott
"Northern Joya was not a gloomy place. The high altitude brought one closer to the sun. Here..most of the inhabitants wore skates." The creatures of Joya were in general happy, and the shimmery ice was fun to skate on, especially for Marvel, the youngest of three pink ponies. Her older sisters don't like to have fun and adventures, but Marvel does. When the king and queen return to Joya, they bring a stranger with them. The young girl, Lee ,was found frozen in a snowbank. The last thing she can remember is fighting with her brother then the car going off the road, but she has no idea what has happened to her family. Lee and Marvel soon become friends, and Marvel helps Lee find a way to return home. Along the way the two meet many interesting creatures and face several obstacles, but will their journey prove fruitful? A fantasy story about the harsh realities of drinking and driving. The sad ending might be hard for young readers. (Ages 9-12)

Rani and the Wedding Ghost
By Tea Emesse
Rani wants her parents to see her as more of an adult, instead of a child, so when her cousin Deena comes by and announces that she's getting married, Rani is happy for her but angry that Deena got her parents calling her "Tinkle" again, her childhood nickname. Deena makes up for it by asking Rani to be her wedding assistant. Rani is excited to prove she can be responsible, but when things start going wrong, Rani wonders if the ghost of Frank's first wife is trying to stop the wedding. Then Rani gets a mysterious message, if she listens to it, will she be able ward off the ghost and make sure the wedding goes smoothly? (Ages 9-12)

The Landing
By John Ibbitson
Ben Mercer loves to play the violin, and he's good at it, but Ben knows that his future belongs to the Landing, and he doesn't look forward to it. After his father died, Ben and his mother moved in with his uncle Henry at Cook's Landing. They make ends meet by selling butter, eggs and gas to vacationing cottagers and doing odd jobs. But when a wealthy widow buys a rundown cottage, Ben gets to know her as he fixes up the place. She encourages him to aim for a different life than the one he feels stuck in. Then a terrible tragedy changes the course of Ben's life forever. A touching novel about hopes and dreams. (Ages 9-12)



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