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KidsBookshelf Newsletter
November 6, 2009

Welcome KidsBookshelf Readers!
Looking for a great way to get a reluctant reader reading?
Check out these exciting new graphic novels from Stone Arch Books!
Readers of all ages will love them!

A Practical Guide to Vampires
By Lisa Trutkoff Trumbauer
Vampires are both intriguing and frightening! "They haunt the streets at midnight and roam abandoned homes. They charm even those most skeptical of magic, and they inspire fear, while at the same time inspiring curiosity." This guide is packed with all kinds of blood chilling facts about vampires. You'll learn vampire basics like their anatomy, food, sleep habits, powers, how the sun and light affect them, their society, how they communicate annd more. You'll also learn about vampire combat and some of their blood thirsty kin. A great book for anyone interested in these mysterious creatures of the night. (Ages 9-12)

Barnyard Slam
By Dian Curtis Regan
Illus by Paul Meisel
The hip Yo Mama Goose is hosting a Poetry Slam in the barnyard. All the animals are invited to participate and share their poetry, although Yo Mama just knows her poem is the best. Feathers do fly as Yo Mama Goose tries her best to keep everyone in line, but all the sensitive poets want their moment to shine, and Yo Mama is having trouble waiting her turn. Can they keep it together and finish the poetry slam without alerting Farmer and Son to the barnyard antics? The tongue in cheek animal word plays will have you laughing out loud, and just might inspire you to create your own unique poem. (Ages 4-8)

Big Bear Hug
By Nicholas Oldland
This adorable black bear really likes to hug, and he hugs all kinds of animals. Big ones, little ones, smelly ones and even scary ones. But what he really likes to hug is trees, all kinds of trees. One day the bear sees a man come into the forest with an axe, and he starts to cut a beautiful tree down. The bear is so upset that he starts to get angry, but the bear isn't used to being angry, so he does what he does best. He gives the man a hug! The man drops his axe and runs out of the forest. And what do you think the bear does next? A fun book about taking care of and loving nature. (Ages 4-8)

By the Sword
By Selene Castrovilla
Illus by Bill Farnsworth
Before the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Tallmadge was a school headmaster in Connecticut and planned to study law. But the declaration of war changed his mind and he decided to enlist to fight for independence. On June 20, 1776, Benjamin headed to New York to join George Washington's troops. During the Battle of Long Island Benjamin had to come to grips with the harshness and brutalities of war. Through this engrossing tale you'll witness the devastation of war as Washington tries to get his outnumbered men safely away from the British. An historical account that will intrigue young readers. You'll also find a timeline, bibliography, and a list of places to visit. (Ages 9-12)

Hate List
By Jennifer Brown
"The scene in the Garvin High School cafeteria, known as the Commons, is being described as "grim" by investigators who are working to identify the victims of a shooting spree that erupted Friday morning." This scene happened five months ago, and Valerie Leftman's boyfriend, Nick Levil, was the shooter. Nick killed and wounded several students and teachers that morning, and Valerie was injured as she tried to stop him. But her fellow students, teachers and the community aren't willing to let Valerie off the hook, especially since the discovery of the Hate List created by Valerie and Nick that listed the people and things they hate. Nick appeared to be picking his victims from this list. Valerie spent the summer in the hospital and in seclusion at home, but now her senior year is beginning, and she struggles with finding the strength to face these people again and walk the halls where the tragedy happened. It doesn't help that she misses Nick everyday, despite what he did. Can Valerie prove to everyone that this isn't what she wanted when she created the list? Can she salvage her damaged relationships with family and friends, and can she trust the budding new friendship with the girl she saved? A fantastic gripping novel you won't want to put down! (Young Adult)

Have I Got a Book for You!
By Melanie Watt
Al Foxwood is a great salesman. He can sell anything to anybody, like a refrigerator to a penguin and an umbrella to a fish. But even if you don't need either of those things, don't worry, Al has something you do need, his number one best-selling book! It's much better than all those other boring books out there, and he'll even throw in a bookmark. It's an offer you can't refuse, and even if you try to, Al has something sneaky up his sleeve to make sure that you do buy the book. A funny take on persistant salesman! (Ages 9-12)

Lake Monster Mix-Up (A Sam & Friends Mystery, Book Two)
By Mary Labatt
Illus by Jo Rioux
Sam the extraordinary sheepdog, with a nose for sniffing out mysteries, is back. Sam and her friends Jennie and Beth are going to Sagawa Lake. At first the lake seems boring, until the three sleuths find a diary from 1937. The girl who wrote the diary is terrified of a mysterious monster in the lake, and the three friends are determined to find out what it is. Is there really a a secret surrounding Sagawa Lake, and what's that glowing underwater? A fun, adventurous graphic novel young readers will enjoy. (Ages 9-12)

Monster Baby
By Dian Curtis Regan
Illus by Doug Cushman
When Mr. and Mrs. Oliver discover a baby has been left on the doorstep of their farm house, Mrs. Oliver knows her wish has come true. The tiny little thing was just like any other newborn, except for the horns, fur and pointy teeth! Mr. Oliver is shocked, but Mrs. Oliver doesn't seem to mind at all, because he is, after all, their very own baby. Olly grows quickly, and at just three days old he towers over the Olivers! Olly tries hard to fit in at school and do what the other children do, but his size becomes a problem, until he learns how to make the most of being the biggest kid around. But then one day a new family moves in down the street from the Olivers, and Olly soon learns that he's not the biggest kid around anymore! A fun story with lots of heart! The delightful illustrations make Olly one very likeable Monster Baby! (Ages 4-8)

Upon Secrecy
By Selene Castrovilla
Illus by Jeff Crosby and Ann Jackson
During the Revolutionary War, knowing what the enemy was planning was priceless information, if you could get it. Both George Washington and the British used spies, but could they all be trusted? "Upon Secrecy" is an exciting account of the Culper Spy Ring, who was involved and how they managed to get secret plans from the British, write invisible messages, and get this critical information to Washington quickly. You'll also find a timeline, bibliography, list of places to visit, and an update on what the spies did after the war. (Ages 9-12)



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