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KidsBookshelf Newsletter
July 30, 2010

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Avram's Gift
By Margie Blumberg
Illus by Laurie McGaw
Eight-year-old Mark loves his new house. He really likes his new room with the comfy bed, desk with the globe, his dad's telescope, and enough space for his train set. Everything is perfect, except for the picture on the wall outside his bedroom. It's a photograph of a man with a long, gray, scratchy-looking beard and dark, mysterious eyes - his great, great grandfather Avram. Mark doesn't like the photograph, but begins to wonder who Avram was. During the special time at Rosh Hashanah Mark learns the amazing story of his great, great grandfather and what a loving person he was. After discovering Avram's gift, Mark now sees the picture in a whole new light. (Ages 4-8)

By Jane Yolen
Illus by Mike Cavallaro
Aliera Carstairs doesn't fit in at school. She's a fencer, but that doesn't count with the jocks. She doesn't look good in black, so she doesn't fit in with the goths. Her grades aren't high enough to fit in with the nerds. And the preps - no way. She's fine all alone, especially when she's fencing. And Aliera is a great fencer. This funny, action-filled graphic novel combines fantasy and realism as Aliera deals with family, fitting in, and first love. Oh, and she manages to save the faerie court from ruin with her mighty sword. A great graphic novel for teen readers. (Young Adult)

Moon Watchers: Shirin's Ramadan Miracle
By Reza Jalali
Illus by Anne Sibley O'Brien
Searching for a glimpse of the moon through the trees in their backyard, Shirin and her father are looking for the sign that Ramadan has begun. Ramadan is a Muslim holiday of praying, fasting, and doing good deeds. Shirin is nine and thinks she's old enough like her brother Ali to fast, but her parents think she's still too young to go without food. Shirin feels left out until she sees her brother Ali sneaking food. Should she tell on him or do a good deed by keeping his secret? A story of family, tradition, understanding, and doing good. (Ages 4-8)

My Little French Friend
By Leslye Jacobs
Illus by Al Margolis
"My Little French Friend" is the first book in a series of eight educational, "Pals Around the World" books that explore the cultures of eight different countries. In this one we follow Veronique as she tells us all about her native country France. In fun and easy to understand text we learn all about France - its history, culture, people, food and more. The book includes delightful illustrations, recipes, a colorful map, and flash cards to practice your French with. The flash cards are fun but would have been even better if the pronunciation of the French word had been included. This is a great book to help young readers learn about France. (Ages 9-12)

One of Us
By Peggy Moss
Illus by Penny Weber
It's Roberta's first day at a new school, and Roberta just knows she's going to love it here. She puts her hair up on top of her head, and sits with the girls who have their hair the same way. Then at recess she fits right in with the kids who play on the monkey bars. But at lunch she sits with another group of kids who all carry flowered lunch boxes. All through the day Roberta moves from group to group, at first fitting in, but then finding out she doesn't quite fit with that group for one reason or another. Then Roberta finally discovers a group of kids who are just like her, the kind that know everyone's different and they like it that way! A fun story about peer pressure and trying to fit in. (Ages 7-12)

By Maureen Fergus
Ortega is a gorilla that had been raised in a laboratory after being taken from his mother who couldn't care for him. Ortega was taught by scientists how to talk, read, write, and think, and now these scientists want 11-year-old Ortega to go to school. Even though Ortega is bigger and stronger than any of the other kids, he's scared that they'll think he's strange and won't accept him. Ortega's first days start off a little rocky, but then he makes friends and things start to look up, that is until a misunderstanding messes everything up. Can Ortega's friends help him, or will his whole world change forever? This exciting story gets the reader thinking about what science can really do. (Ages 9-12)

Sunny Bunnies
By Margie Blumberg
Illus by June Goulding
It's summer time, and this brother and sister bunny are excited to go to the beach. Together they build a sand castle, fly a kite, have a picnic lunch, and jump in the waves. This fun family rhyming story with colorful illustrations captures a perfect summer day. (Ages 4-8)

The Lunch Thief
By Anne C. Bromley
Illus by Robert Casilla
Rafael doesn't know what to do, he's hungry because his lunch has been stolen, and he knows who stole it. He saw Kevin, the new boy in class, take it right from his backpack. Rafael remembers his mother's advice to use his mouth before his fists, but then Kevin steals lunch from other people during the week also. One day Rafael sees Kevin at a motel, and his mother tells him about the wildfires and the many families who lost their homes, so he decides to handle his problem by sharing his lunch with Kevin. A good book about what hunger can cause people to do. This would also be a good learning experience about how stealing is wrong and it's okay to ask for help. (Ages 9-12)

The Secret of Your Name
By David Bouchard
Illus by Dennis J. Weber
Fiddle Music by John Arcand
"Canada's Metis are the only mixed blood people in the world recognized by every level of government as being a nation." This bilingual book, written in both English and Michif, tells the story of the author's journey to discover the heritage of his grandmother and what it means to be Metis. He tells the story of his own lost identity and heritage, and the need to honor traditions. Told through lyrical text, stunning illustrations and beautiful music "The Secret of Your Name" is a valuable tale of treasuring your culture and heritage. (Ages 9-12)



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